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  1. Is this the end?

    Rob, are you still at SP? Haven't seen your stuff there in a while. You should post on the ish. There are people who would enjoy it -- me, among others -- and people who wouldn't. It'd be delicious.
  2. Wildkitties whoopin up on Baylor

    Wait... where is Truth to defend his Baylor beauties? BTW: Truth was just outed as "Not a Groce Guy" on the ish. Very entertaining.
  3. Apology owed to Loren

    So I should apologize to a bigot because... he's a bigot? I'll pass.
  4. Jim Rossow & Marcus Jackson drink beer

    I live Duvel. And I like IPAs. But also like American brown ales ~> Goose Island Honkers, for instance. I've never much cared for the skunky lagers -- Heineken especially -- although I'll drink anything in a pinch and I do like a Stiegl here and there. And I'm not going to lie: Bottles of Budweiser in the summer are pretty damned fine. PBR, however, is not.
  5. I guess enough complaints got sent in....

    Pastor = public figure. Pictures are fair game, especially if it was somebody who was clearly in BW's inner circle and was coming on here to defend him as if they're a normal fan. Let it rip, baby.
  6. Is Groce taking a shot at Sammy

    This is bullshiht.
  7. I guess enough complaints got sent in....

    Censorious! Good word. As for the Scout thread -- it was awesome. RIP indeed. I didn't see the picture everybody was talking about. What was it? Who was it?
  8. Mike Thomas ruins season, part 18

    This. The guy just can't step up and eat the meal he made. It's hard to watch. And it's amazing that his shenanigans landed him another BCS gig.
  9. So exactly how much is JH making at SMU?.....

    meh. talk to me when sdsu has done it more than 2 years.
  10. boycott illinois, blackball

    we have definitely hit bottom when there are butler trolls strutting around here, talking shiht. btw, it's ridiculous to take the sweet 16 for granted when you've just missed the dance altogether -- unless you have 4 burger boys coming in -- and you don't.
  11. holmes is small time. he went to depaul, which is a giant piece of shiht in all senses. the guy belongs in his mom's garage broadcasting to his neighbors. that anybody gives a fuhck what he thinks is absolutely amazing. his voice is grating, his thoughts are grating, his face is grating. he's an utter and total clown.
  12. Marlen Garcia is badmouthing is

    I thought she got a little nasty with the last one. I replied with a quip about USA Today. I used to work with her at the Trib. She's a nice person. But those in glass houses... need to be called to the mat.
  13. Isiah Thomas to Illinois? Thoughts?

    I have to assume this is a joke.
  14. three burger boys? holy shiht.
  15. Donors tell MT to Think big

    OSU would match us to the moon. Matta is an impossibility.