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  1. Cornholers

    If your comment was in response to my post, I haven't watched any of said videos, just all of the 2017 Nebraska games. Made that suggestion (jokingly) to friends before Nebraska played Northern Illinois after watching the Huskers struggle the first 2 games.
  2. Cornholers

    Illinois should play the field position game by punting on 1st down (but not to Pierson-El, who has returned multiple kickoffs/punts for TDs) each time it gets the ball and allow Nebraska QB Tanner "Turnover" Lee to do his thing (throw interceptions). This could help the Illini offense get a short field to work with, provided the defense can make the plays. I'm only saying this in half jest; Lee has already thrown 9 picks this season in just 146 pass attempts. At times -- such as after yet another bonehead play by Lee -- I wonder if he and Jay Cutler are the same person. QB play has been that bad for the Huskers this season. It's maddening, because Lee actually has a great arm and decent touch, but some of his reads and passes are Cutler-esque (or worse).
  3. College Football Week 1

    Can to reconsider? :D
  4. College Football Week 1

    It's all good. I root for Illinois in football when they're not playing Ohio State or Nebraska. I might make it down to C-U again for a game or 2 this year. Even had season tickets a few years ago.
  5. College Football Week 1

    Seriously, lol? As I have noted on several occasions in the past, I'm an Ohio State alum. But I also have ties to the UofI, including B-school. I also live in Chicagoland. At this year's B1G 10K race, I wore an Illinois jersey. I've been posting on this forum for a few years now. Mainly football. Someone has to keep Phil, Sidra & Tempo honest. :D
  6. College Football Week 1

    C'mon, Vette. It was the first game of the season -- and on the road. Ohio State lost 3 DB/S with eligibility remaining (#11 Lattimore, #15 Hooker, #24 Conley) in the 1st round of the 2017 NFL Draft (and Eli Apple, #10 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft). We're starting over in the secondary. Give some credit to Indiana, too -- experienced QB and talented, big receivers and a good game plan in the 1st half. However, IMO the Hoosiers should have shortened the clock in the 2nd half, especially after taking a 21-20 lead in the 3rd quarter. BTW, I'm confident by the time Illinois makes the trek to Columbus in November the Buckeyes secondary will be much improved.
  7. 17 days till Illini football kicks off

    Would 4 wins count as a breakout season this year? :D
  8. 17 days till Illini football kicks off

    Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. I just didn't want to admit the very real possibility Illinois might only win 2 games this season. Western Kentucky is a solid non-Power 5 program, but Jeff Brohm left WKY to take over the head coaching responsibilities at Purdue. It might take the Hilltoppers a few games to adjust.
  9. 17 days till Illini football kicks off

    With respect to the win total for the 2017 Illini football team, 5 wins would be a heck of a good season IMO. What 5 football games are you picking Illinois to win this season? Ball State, Western Kentucky, and Rutgers should be wins. Perhaps Illinois can win at Purdue, but that game is later in the season. After 8 games the Boilermakers should be familiar with the new coaching staff's schemes and expectations. Where would #5 come from? At South Florida? At Minnesota? Home against Nebraska or Indiana? Or perhaps at Ohio State -- the Buckeyes play at Michigan the following week, so they'll be plenty distracted when Illinois comes to town and plays...on Senior Day at the Old Horseshoe. Yeah, not happening.
  10. Avery commits

    Assuming Avery follows through with his commitment and plays for the UofI, this is a huge get for the Illini. A natural 300 lb. DT with decent speed -- every team wants a few of those type players. Once Illinois gets a few good DTs on campus, it will be easier to recruit the other positions on defense. It all starts upfront.
  11. Ask Breal anything...

    During the NCAA Tournament, I have seen the Turbo Tax ads featuring Humpty Dumpty. Why were all the King's horses involved in trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after he fell off the wall? Is that the future of health insurance under Trump? Thanks.
  12. Commits

    The UofI has to make a significant capital commitment to the football program if it wants to consistently field a competitive team. In the Big Ten West Division, Iowa, Minnesota, and Northwestern will have new football program facilities (e.g., indoor practice, housing/dining, academic support, locker rooms, etc.) coming online in the next few years. Nebraska already has excellent facilities, but don't think for a second the Huskers won't spend (significantly) more if needed to compete in the Big Ten. Even Purdue is spending @$65M to upgrade football facilities. Right or wrong, fair or not, the facilities arms race is part of the cost of admission to "big boy" football.
  13. Nebraska Game

    Sidra & Phil -- I had to sit through that late 4th quarter choke job by the Huskers last year with you guys. Not this year. Payback is coming from Nebraska, big time. Go Big Red!!
  14. Week 5 games

    Last night, Stanford reminded me of some of the 1980s Nebraska teams -- with big but slow(er) players -- trying (in vain) to compete against Miami (FL) and Florida State, teams with faster, more athletic players -- like Washington had.
  15. B1G Expansion

    Thanks for a good laugh. That being said, if the SEC could add just Oklahoma (out of those 2 schools), I think it would.