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  1. I have some unfortunate news

    My Thoughts and prayers are with you man! Fight, Fight, Fight!
  2. Stability @ Wisco

    Hill flopping and he misses! Just shoot the ball man!!!
  3. Stability @ Wisco

    He's lost all confidence in his jumper!
  4. The Official John Groce Death March Thread

    Tate dribbles across half court hands it to Hill, Tate runs to corner to watch. Hill drives in and kicks it to Numn in the corner. Nunn pump fakes drives in under the basket jumps up and wildly kicks it out over JCLs head. JCL chases it down turns and fires it to Finke on a wing. Finke tosses up a 3 and every once in a while it falls! What's not to love!
  5. Final Four Game Thread

    So how many of these Kentucky kids declare for the draft on Monday?
  6. Final Four Game Thread

    Cal gonna get out coached here!
  7. Final Four Game Thread

    Shortest review I ever remember seeing this season too!
  8. Final Four Game Thread

    The ball was 15 feet away!
  9. Final Four Game Thread

    NO call!???
  10. Ten years ago today

    What an awesome team. I'd give anything to have players with that swagger and the talent to back it up again!
  11. John Groce season wrap 2015

    Interesting thought and I agree that Tracy's defense is his most valuable asset. Groce did shoot it down pretty quickly. Maybe we can find a PG that shoots 40% from 3 and just let Tracy play the 2...he can just stand at half court while we are on offense then our other 4 players can crash the offensive glass as well.
  12. John Groce season wrap 2015

    Thanks for posting these Rob, it's always a good listen! Just wondering where were you going with your question about who plays the 3? Seems like Malcom should be the 3 hands down. Not criticizing your question just wondering how you see the 3 position next year?
  13. LoVett has offers pouring in

    Can you imagine him playing with the 7'6" Mamadou that plays for UCI?
  14. Thursday games

    Anger issues his entire career...let's hope they aren't saying that about Leron Black in 3 years!
  15. is joe lunardi a #$%&@!ing moron?

    Why does he have Wisconsin always seeded as the 2 seed in Kentucky's bracket? Doesn't that make them the last 2 seed? I know the Big Ten is bad but Wisky is pretty dang good this year!