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  1. Jeremiah Tilmon

    I would have thought if he wanted out it would have been said so by now. I would have thought that drama would have been all over the place by now. My GUESS is he is coming. My HOPE is that the delay in news about it is to work on Smith...
  2. Jeremiah Tilmon

    Whether Tilmon comes or not this program is in better hands now than it was a month ago!
  3. Michagain

    Is there truly anyone who believes Groce should stay as coach?! If so, what do you see?
  4. Mark Smith

    If I am not mistaken didn't Piper report Jeremiah as saying, on his announcement day, 'If it wasn't for Walker this wouldn't be happening'? If so, would seem as if he couldnt care less about Groce being his coach.
  5. meanwhile at kansas st

    True and Groce was handed a toilet and turned it 1st into an outhouse and now just a bucket in the bushes!
  6. Another demoralizing loss

    Groce has done something no one thought was possible....took this program lower than where Brucey had it!
  7. scUM Gameday

    There is no reason we should lose this game as we are home and Michigan isn't good. However, there is no reason we should win this game either as we are home, Michigan isn't good and Groce is a moron.
  8. IU Game Thread

    Once again Groce proving his worth...
  9. Are you rooting for them to lose?

    I don't necessarily root for a loss, but losing doesn't bother me either cause my hope is that it is another nail in this turds coffin.
  10. Prediction Time: January Record for John

    1-8 beat PSU (maybe Iowa)
  11. Carolina Has Nerve to Beef About Refs ?

    Good hope it was fixed! Makes it even better!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Biggest game of the year game thread

    Not arguing with you at all, but Hill was 3-7 and 0-3 from 3pt. Nunn was horrible in every way (even his lob to Rice wasn't a good pass). Rice can't do it alone, although he will try. If they don't get it going Purdue will win.
  13. Biggest game of the year game thread

    Hill and Nunn had better actually show up in 2nd half or this is gonna be a loss.
  14. bragg to announce jan 8th

    If Im Lovett and I really think I am gonna sit behind Abrams then there is no way Im coming here.
  15. bragg to announce jan 8th

    I can't imagine why any kid, with offers from KU, UK etc., would choose this program right now.