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  1. Follow Mark Alstork

    I'm ok with the guy at this point, but from what i see in the film and the stats, he's going to have to rein in his 2 pt. game. He was barely above 40% with 8 or 9 2 pt attempts per game last year, and that could get ugly at this level. I love guys who can operate inside the arc, and he has every move in the book, but the new competition and seemingly the new system may not accomodate last year's approach. Give up the ball and defend, and plenty of points should come his way. This is a great opportunity for him to show he can grow and adapt, not so much have a gaudy scoring average.
  2. Non-con schedule announced

    Yes they did.I chose 84 because beating Villanova and Maryland and the tough Rupp Arena loss to me was a national arrival.
  3. Non-con schedule announced

    You know, i'm all for a broad minded approach, taking into account dimensions beyond the tourney. Win the Big or compete for the title.....schedule well.....win road games.....play smart ball.....put entertaining athletes on the floor. We checked most of these boxes during Lou's years. All that alone gave college ball entertainment meaning. But would we (to say nothing of less intense fans) really care about college hoops that much absent the NCAA tourney? And how did we really feel when we got bounced from the tourney - when it happens, not 30 years later while we construct legacies - vis a vis whatever regular season achievements we had? Also, as far as the 80's go, was the BIG REALLY loaded throughout the heyday of the Henson era, which i date 1984-1989? It was certainly loaded in 1989. You could spin it that overall it was 4 or 5 teams chasing down Indiana, which we and MI kind of did. And how deep was the league? And how did programs like Iowa and Purdue do in the tourney? Which raises the inescapable question of how did we really do? Also, i think if you asked the old heads around the country what conference do they remember from the mid to late 80's, i bet they would think of the Big East well before our league.
  4. Non-con schedule announced

    I will always remember Henson for his program building. But, really, is such success all that uncommon when you look at the sport over the past 35 years? The continued honoring of him only points to the recent emptiness of the program, although ironically had we risen to the top and stayed there under other coaches, Lou might even deserve more credit than he has gotten. Like many others in this forum, i saw the whole Henson era. We were an attractive, interesting program that intrigued fans all over the country and that ESPN and other media fell in love with. Great. We also underperformed more than we excelled in the NCAA tourney, pointing to these losses that slipped through our hands: Alabama 1986 (admittedly a tough call hurt us), Austin Peay 1987, a horrible loss to Villanova in 1988, Dayton 1990, a no-show against Vanderbilt in 1993, and Tulsa 1995. Lou was far from a top tier bench coach. To be fair, Kruger had his dud (Chattanooga 1997) and Self had his (Notre Dame 2003). The truth is, we were more glamorous and over-hyped back then than really, really good.
  5. Brad Underwood - July Update

    In several audio and print interviews now Underwood has said very little about Nichols. There was one case a few months ago where he ran through all the returnees, but that was it. He has been thrown some very open ended questions about the returnees, as he was in this interview, and he has alternately praised Lucas, Finke, and Black, even Jordan once, but silent on Nichols. Nobody has asked about him specifically. It may mean nothing. I hope it doesn't. Just an observation. Please correct me if i am mistaken.
  6. 6'10" Slovenian Matic Vesel visiting today

    Sure,even in what i call the 9 and 10 spots there could be some matchups and groupings where players this raw can get minutes. And i am not necessarily skeptical of these guys. But there will also be situations this year where these guys are not close to being the answer, nor are they intended to be. The best way to put this is that even had we landed Akoy Agau, these guys may have still been attractive. The conversation about them just might have been very different.
  7. 6'10" Slovenian Matic Vesel visiting today

    Maybe, maybe not. How's this? They were brought in to fill out this roster with SOME size, each with some tidbit of promise for the future. The real frontcourt depth is still being sought, or alternatively, any serviceable rotation player is, as we are still one short of 8. In this scenario, these 2 newbies are players 9 and 10 this year and maybe worse next year if they're as bad as the most paranoid view would hold. And guess what? If they're crap, they can transfer.
  8. 6'10" Slovenian Matic Vesel visiting today

    Probably a very different kind of player than Damir, at least at this point.
  9. 6'10" Slovenian Matic Vesel visiting today

    He's good with either hand, and on the move, too. We'll see.
  10. Expectations for BU's 1st season?

    Disagreeing a bit on the "finishing." At first this seemed like a plus as he showed a competent floater and left hand. Then he seemed to get too ambitious. As freshman smaller guys go, he was typical. And the standard i'm using is not Abrams or Tate. I remember Frank Williams struggling to finish early. Everything else you've said about Lucas is reasonable.
  11. Expectations for BU's 1st season?

    And so would I. And Lucas is not this type of player, nor does he need to be to add the value i mentioned in the earlier post, and none of the comparisons and examples given in various posts refute the possibility of that happening. He showed signs of being an exceptional playmaker, yes, in the fashion of an old school # 1, and i would argue that as the game has evolved into a 3 pt shooting game the need for the so-called floor general has increased. There's plenty of room for his game. Now, can he do it? Don't know. But with the possibility of playing 3 freshman guards, having Alstork perhaps prone to running wild, Black needing to be discouraged from trolling the 3 point line, and a lead-footed guy like Finke needing setups, we're going to want somebody who can bring some order to the chaos. Whether this results in us being any good or not is another matter.
  12. Expectations for BU's 1st season?

    The one guy who gives me hope for next year may surprise you. And he plays the one position that can elevate a team and make life easier for everybody. That would be young Mr. Lucas. He's a true PG and i believe he can spearhead the up-tempo style we expect to see. But in order for him to succeed, he's going to have to establish himself as somebody who has to be guarded. Last year he looked hesitant to shoot 3's and his drives to the hoop became less effective. But if he can turn into a traffic cop and real distributor out there, look out. And he should help set the defensive tone. We have to speed up the game, because we're going to get cut to pieces by numerous teams who are patient enough to get to the rim. We could become a difficult team to play. But as of right now there are too many negatives and other question marks to reasonably predict an ncaa season.
  13. Greg Eboigbodin

    This is one comparison that at least makes a bit of sense. But was Davis a project who surprised or a rankings miss? He had those square shoulders, a quick release on that jumper, and really blossomed as early as his sophomore year, then flattening out at least offensively as the years went on. I think his adjustment was not physical or about skill development, just getting used to the pace of the college game. Is this the situation Greg is in? It doesn't seem like it
  14. Greg Eboigbodin

    I guess it depends on what role they expect him to play in those minutes. Looking at the film i've seen, there's not much to conclude other than i'm not seeing 6'9" but on the plus side he looks willingly mobile. If you separate this guy from the fact we still need more rim defense, i'm ok with him, especially since i think this program has been overly conservative and safe in deciding what kind of players to consider in the past in a rapidly changing game. As for that rim defense, crunch the minutes and it still looks like we need a 20 minute experienced guy. Also there's alot of talk about playing 4 guards, not needing bigs, etc. Sounds like wishful thinking. The fact remains Black fouls, Finke is slow, and Nichols can go only go so far and his offense is still questionable.
  15. Greg Eboigbodin

    So how many "big" minutes are still on the table? We still need more bodies obviously even after this. Are we going to need closer to 80 or closer to 100 minutes out of Black, Finke, Nichols, this man, and whoever else? Seems to me this guy seriously undershoots the target.