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  1. Groce is a "point B" coach

    Always lurking but haven't posted since the painful weber era. I have reached the same point - depressed watching mid majors play huge minutes. Time for a change. Hopefully all the potential recruits at the game were focused on immediate playing time potential.
  2. Meyers had his best game of the season last night....

    Meyers is a beast and I think he will have a pretty great NBA career. Most of you have only watched him on 1 flat screen TV but if you ever get a chance to watch him at Jeff Frank's lounge on 7 tube TV's you would have more insight. I really enjoyed watching ML bang with Howard in his 1st game
  3. enough is enough

    Can someone clue me in on the chair pics?
  4. Time to remove my mask

    The conference was canceled due to a combo of izzo and negative illini message board fans.
  5. Which HQ poster could we nominate for head coach?

    I would pay good money to watch that show!
  6. Why not Jerrance?

    I agree ... When i said can it get any worse? I meant we have hit the bottom. Bad season, public whiff on option 1 coach. Give howard a shot he does have the "it" factor. Unless plan b is a suprise candidate.
  7. Why not Jerrance?

    Roll the dice on snacks ... Can it get any worse? Bring in jeff frank as Videographer ... Dude has four tube tv sets in his basement.
  8. Shaka is pulling a Weber! Come on!

    Please shaka please
  9. Bruce Weber - The Gift that Keeps on Giving

    Frank farter you owe me around $500 ... Your comments have lead to a broken ipad ... See below :wall
  10. Shaka Smart

    Illbass on the shaka wagon - but like several of the names floating around! #hope
  11. Dont sell yourself short jeff! You are must read internet board crazy
  12. For those at the game...

    Yes but that was jeff frank and he meant it in a nice "see ya later" way
  13. Post Game Thread

    What about a BTT run? I joke I was dumb enough to bet on the IL tonight!
  14. Illinois vs Hawkeyes

    Krush n jeff frank would dive in front of the stream to keep those shoes clean