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  1. U of I and Wisky. He's visiting Wisky this weekend, but says that we have a slight edge. He'll announce on Nov. 2nd. EDIT - Didn't see the post below.
  2. The article came out probably after Week 3. Said Pat White would likely get drafted as a RB. Chase Daniel would be drafted first as a QB. Said Juice has the ability to throw it through a wall. Mentioned technique and footwork as negatives.
  3. The Sporting News had a comparison of QB's who run the spread offense and rated their draft potential. The QB's listed were Chase Daniel, Pat White, Graham Harrell, Juice and a few others. It said as an athlete...Juice could be a 3rd-round pick..as a QB he would be the last QB of the group to be drafted.
  4. Interesting...the scouting report on his Scout profile states that he most likely would play OT and that "he'll cause speed rushers fits".
  5. Are you forgetting about Andrew Carter, 4-star commit out of Florida?
  6. Looks like Wachovia is next

    Not really...they're owned by Comcast.
  7. Just Scored Penn State Tickets!

    My buddy and I are doing the camping thing. Not because we're recent grads....just because we didn't feel like driving to a hotel in Harrisburg after the game.
  8. Is Penn State the best team in the Big Ten?

    I'm going to the game as well on Saturday. Penn State hasn't played anybody yet....but they've looked impressive doing it. Let's just hope we don't freeze on the big stage in front of a hostile crowd.
  9. can somebody put a hat on someone?
  10. kicking game still inconsistent
  11. wow...Arkansas scored a late TD to beat WIU 28-24.
  12. wow...my tv is about a minute behind the commentary online. :redface