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  1. How much longer do we have to wait?

    forget all of the impartial stats that tell a clear story of Groce's incompetence...all you have to do is watch a couple games and you'll figure out with his random substitution pattern, random time outs, the fact that we almost never score after a TO, horrible confused zone defense, horrible positioning on rebounds, horrible set plays, horrible use of the 30s clock,...etc, to figure out he can't do this coaching thing in game or in practice
  2. Groce kept, Cubit fired

    irrespective Lovie is Turner reincarnated. Conservative coach playing not to loose. Results will be the same
  3. Groce kept, Cubit fired

    where did he say "head" coach
  4. Lovie Smith

    we are virtually and instantly assured of being competitive in every game losing just as many as last year but only by a touch down or less while scoring less than 7 points in all our games
  5. Groce kept, Cubit fired

    yeah getting someone like Ron Turner would be gold
  6. Rutgers Game Thread

    he has no idea where the ball is going. if you watch him closely, you'll see he'll start boxing out his man in a random direction and sometimes even forcing his man toward the rebound. Basically with Egwu as his mentor and Groce as his coach he is out of position on almost every rebound...man is it frustrating to see someone his size do that. He also developed the habit of giving up on rebounds on the offensive side...but I think that has a lot to do with Groce who wants them to get back to the wonderful defensive job they do. If you compare him to Finke you'll see a huge difference in ball IQ especially when one is junior and other is freshman
  7. What will Timmaw say???

    in all seriousness...how can ANYONE interview this moron and end up hiring him for a job that involves public speaking, or even tying your shoes. Speaks volumes bout Thomas and other U of I people that must have interviewed Becks also tells u what to expect from the athletic department for the next few years- not good
  8. What will Timmaw say???

    cheer up...lots of tards make a kickass living
  9. Kenny Battle Rips the Program/Talent

    to me, implied in Kenny's comments is that we have an incompetent coaching staff. A moronical head coach, who went full tard. At 1.8 million/year, you can't have that
  10. Crean rumored to be stepping down

    John Groce and Bruce Weber as co-head coaches...I'll start a fundraiser in the states of Illinois and Kansas and probably can come up with another 2 million to up the ante
  11. Season ending post game thread

    yeah if he doesn't do it in 4 years, then maybe... this Sh!t is funny...a great leader...and quick adjustment. Yeah those are the 2 things that Groce brings to mind
  12. lets look at it this way

    isn't this what already happened this year?
  13. draft

    the probability scale would have to be extended to the minus range to account for Egwu's chances
  14. No NCAA Tournament for Illini post game

    The standards have been set with Beckman. Equally as bad a coach as Groce, was retained b/c of "improvements". It was clear to me in year 2 that both are bad hires. Both will be around enough to set the program back farther. Groce will get us nowhere. He CANNOT coach. Young players show promise and then regress...veteran players making the mistakes of middle schoolers...deja vu. He is likely a nicer person than Weber but so what. We took a guy making 350K max and paid him 1.7 mil/year for what? to be a nice guy? Unfortunately we are stuck with this putz for another 2 years- at least firing any assistants won't help when HC continues his square pegs into round holes approach
  15. Is Groce the guy for the Job?

    "Brought to you by Carl's junior"