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  1. Heartbreaking loss to Gonzaga postgame

    They get good shots at the end, we act undisciplined and get carp shots game over Not to mention our poor management of the game towards the end of regulation
  2. Almost in spite of ourselves we get it to overtime - Surely coach will go over our late game possesions and how we could have managed much much better
  3. they get a good shot we have done nothing but throw the ball at the basket last three times
  4. We have lost our intensity on defense, and now they are getting easy shots We need another surge BAD We look tired
  5. Tisdale had not a prayer today two real clunker calls
  6. Its feast or famine with the freshman but they bring a lot of life to the team
  7. As my kid would say we have played dope to come back
  8. I can only come up with one way to describe this game BI POLAR Is not Keller having one his best games ever?