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  1. DJ Williams to transfer

    Kid should have left at mid-season. DJW certainly had his struggles, but he play under a coaching utterly failed to define a role for him. Groce would play him a few minutes in one and then not play him for the next several games. This is the best move for DJW as well the new coaching staff. I don't like seeing kids run off even with a coaching change. But, I hope BWood gently nudges Aaron Jordan out of the door. Jordan isn't a Big Ten level player in my opinion, and the program could really use his scholarship for the 2018 class.
  2. The Tilmon Saga Part 5 or whatever

    How do you know this? You don't know the kid or his family.
  3. Who is Brad Underwood.......

    Coach Henson as well as Bill Self had no experience as a head coach in a major conference before respectively being hired at Illinois. Underwood is a very good game coach and appears to be well connected within the industry.
  4. Official Coaching Search Thread

    Jeff Goodman is reporting he and the AD had a pretty rocky relationship
  5. When Thad Matta gets fired...

    They should consider getting rid of the strength and conditioning coach looking at the lack of muscle definition of Marc Loving after 4 years in the program and the beer gut of Ja'Sean Tate.
  6. How about Ben Howland?

    I'm not sure what's not to like about Howland. In the toxic atmosphere at UCLA during his 10-seasons tenure, his team's advanced to the FF in three consecutive years, won 4 regular season titles, and captured 2 conf tournaments. Illinois needs that type of toxicity
  7. How about Ben Howland?

    Howland has never been designated by the NCAA as a "Show Cause" hire and UCLA didn't come under investigation during his tenure there. So, I don't see the issue with him. With exception of Bob Knight, you will be hard pressed to find a head coach who has won at a high level that hasn't been accused of unscrupulous behavior on the recruiting trail.
  8. How about Ben Howland?

    Mississippi State head man, Ben Howland, formerly of UCLA is exactly what Illinois needs right now. An experienced head coach with a great record, who has a tremendous background of recruiting at a high level. Howland might want to get out of the shadow of the football program in football country. Although he'll be 60 this year, we could have him for the next 5-10 years. That would be more than enough time to get the program re-established. Hopefully, Whitman will come to his senses and make it happen.
  9. united center opponent announced

    According to Loren Tate, there's no issue with attendance.
  10. united center opponent announced

    This is not the way to honor an Illini legend when you consider the game will be in front a half-filled 22K-seat arena.
  11. Coaching Search (updated)

    Might I ask, what's exactly is your issue with Monty Williams? Most NBA observers speak highly of him in regards to his coaching acumen. I'm sure there is some concern about his ability to recruit effectively considering he's never worked as a collegiate coach. Jerry Coangelo has supposedly recommended Williams to Whitman. That's a pretty strong endorsement. Also, Williams is currently employed by arguably the best ran front office in NBA. This along with his involvement with USA basketball gives him a pretty strong coaching resume. I'm not sure what's not to like about Williams. Who do see as realistic candidates for the job? Gregg Marshall, Billy Donovan, Brad Stevens, nor Tony Bennett are coming to Illinois. Archie Miller most likely is going to his Alma mater as the head man. Chris Mack isn't leaving his Alma mater, where he has the program rolling, to come to Illinois. Hopefully, Whitman persuade a guy like Ben Howland or Tim Janovich to take the job. Howland would be a great hire, and Jankovich would be pretty damn good one. I'm not a fan of Cuonzo Martin. I'm not sure of his ability to coach offense.
  12. 2016-2017 college basketbal talk

    Maybe Matta retires after the season, and OSU hires his former asst John Groce? We should be so lucky. LOL!!!
  13. There are two guys (their names escape me) who moderate a post-game show at WDWS-AM Champaign-Urbana that come up some of the most ridiculous excuses for the performance of team under the leadership of John Groce. I listed a few in my initial post.
  14. Those two guys come up with some mind-boggling arguments to defend the ineptitude of John Groce. In their minds, it's Groce's first season, and they're miffed why are fans so angry and want Groce gone at season's end. It's like they don't realize (or recognize) this is the product Groce has produced in fifth in the job. One of the guys particularly bizarre defense of Groce is that the team hasn't played long enough together. This the oldest team in the conference, and 9 of 13 scholarship players have played for Groce for at least three seasons. Also, how exactly do you explain the Minnesota team playing well together. They start a 5th-yr transfer, two guys who were suspended for most of last season, and a freshman. How about Maryland, the Terps play at least 3 frosh in their rotation. Their other argument is the Illini roster just isn't very talented. Guess who job it is to bring in the requisite talent to field competitive team in the conference. Also, Illinois has as much or more talent than NU, Nebraska, Minny, and Penn St and those teams play much more cohesively and with purpose than our current version of the Fighting Illini. About half of the roster were 4-star recruits, with Abrams, Hill, JCL, Black, and Williams ranked top-75 or higher. Groce has basically failed to develop these guys as well-rounded basketball players although he's done an awesome job making some of these guys look like body-builders. I think Illinois wins hands down in a beach body contest. Are those guys Groce's publicists or just east central Illinois sports media hacks trying to stay in the good graces of the AD?
  15. Coaching Hot List

    McClain was too busy jogging. Look it up. you have to go all out for a guy everyone wants You've out done yourself in regards to ridiculous comments today. I'm sure Weber was telling McClain, "you should go for a nice run instead of doing your job." How exactly would the AD know who "everyone" wants? Should he have a referendum on the hire? LOL! There's an old saying regarding coaches: "you start listening to what the fans think, sooner or later you'll be sitting with them."