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  1. Maui All-Tourney team

    I hope this gives him a shot of confidence. Calvin has been excellent so far. Nice drives and I've been thrilled with his overall hustle. He seems to get to a number of 50/50 balls. We're not the best team in the country and it isn't always an artistic success, but Weber has got this team really using its strengths (defense, rebounding, athleticism, depth) and they seem to understand the way they must play to succeed. In short, this team is better than I thought a week ago. Hopefully they'll continue to make positive steps as we go forward.
  2. Is Brock the answer at the 2?

    Just a follow up. Trent is 7-25 from the floor and 5-17 from three. If that doesn't improve soon there really is not a compelling reason to play him.
  3. Is Brock the answer at the 2?

    Yep. Our athleticism and people penetrating more this year (Brock, Randle, Alexander, Frazier) is getting Meacham some good looks. He needs to start making those.
  4. Oklahoma State is a bad basketball team.

    I know we're not close to March. But we need to win that game tomorrow. Oklahoma State has looked AWFUL so far this year. I want to say they lost to North Texas by about a dozen. Never too early to avoid those "bad losses" Joe Lunardi loves to talk about.
  5. Is Brock the answer at the 2?

    Why not? Ball handling, as was mentioned by others, is my worry with Calvin. However, I would not be surprised to see that option looked at at some point because Trent REALLY struggles on the defensive end.
  6. Pruitt

    You said it better than I did. Very well written post. You have to trust that your teammates will make the open shot or another pass that presents itself. Shaun really needs to focus on that.
  7. Pruitt

    Shot 32% I'm surprised we were even remotely in the game doing that. Seems like we got pretty good shots on a lot of possessions. That was frustrating.
  8. Pruitt

    Shaun so far certainly hasn't been bad. He's averaging 11 and 9. Nothing wrong with that. I just feel like there's more there. He's shooting 42.3% from the floor. He also had an occasion or two tonight where he tried to score over 3 and 4 guys. He has to be a willing passer. Gotta get him going. Like I said, he hasn't been bad but I think there is more there.
  9. I understand. But part of playing good defense is being able to do it without fouling every other possession. We foul too much and Randle gets caught because he still doesn't move his feet well enough.
  10. Duke postgame thread

    I'm surprised by Meacham so far. Trent has gotten some excellent looks from deep in the games I've seen and he needs to start knocking those down at least somewhat consistently. That has been a disappointment for me.
  11. I've been very pleased overall. Gotta take care of OSU obviously. 4-1 sounds much better than 3-2 so hopefully we can get that one tomorrow. We have a long way to go, but I see the makings of a good team developing. Certain things HAD to happen for us to be a solid club and we've seen some of those things take place. 1. Brian Randle has been aggressive and really stepped his game up. His fouls drive me NUTS, but he had 17 points last night and 16 tonight. I don't care if he misses shots or makes mistakes. Be aggressive! 2. Calvin Brock, so far, looks much improved. Willing to drive and take the open jumper. He looks very confident out there. 3. Chester had a bad game tonight, but I like that he is trying to make things happen. I'd rather have that than standing around the perimeter for 40 minutes. He just needs to do a better job of staying under control. 4. I'm not pleased with the defense right now. Our offense will be hit and miss all season but we need to guard more consistently. We'll have 5-6 minutes where we really pressure and get after it and the next 5 minutes the pressure disappears and we guard nobody. 77 points to Hawai'i was not good enough and yes, Duke is good but you can't allow ANYBODY to shoot 60%. They drove into the lane whenever they felt like it and that can't happen. Still, I like our progression so far and I'm certainly more positive than I was starting the season. Not even close to where we need to be, but I think we'll get there. Go get OSU! I want a 4-1 trip.
  12. Graduated from Illinois in 1995 and have a passion... ...for the University. I have so many friends and great memories of Champaign. I follow every team we have and if women's fencing was broadcast on ESPN 9 I'd probably watch that as well.
  13. Beloved vs Dook prediction thread

    I'll go with Duke 76 Illinois 71 I think we'll make a good showing tonight, I really do. Even if we don't we'll gain more from playing these guys than we would taking on Southeast Oklahoma State Women's University.
  14. Illini-ASU Post Game Thread

    They're not good. BUT we couldn't have scored 77 points last year against the Wilkinson School for the Blind so I like that we are finding ways early on to score some points. As I said in my other post, we will get a better barometer tomorrow. It's all about the offense because I KNOW we will guard people most nights.
  15. I love the fact that our team gets a shot at Duke. Playing in a high profile game like this against a great program will really help us grow and develop. Every player we have will gain experience "with the bright lights on" as they say and I see that as a positive. It will also give the coaches a good game film to work with. We'll see how it goes, but after watching that football upset in Columbus two weeks ago I'll believe anything.