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  1. Ring Taylor's Bell

    Screw that. He doesn't deserve the publicity. He's a bitter old man who need to be put out to pasture but by putting him on the air he gets yet another forum to spout his nonsense. He knows he'll get a reaction because our fans cannot let the obsession go and by putting him on the air that obsession will continue.
  2. If he somehow falls to the Bears in round 2 I really, really, really hope they pass. I don't think he'll be a good pro at all.
  3. Fresno game Dec 5

    LOFL. So staying home for the holidays is better than a crappy bowl game? LOFL Priceless
  4. White Sox sign.....

    Coco Crisp was available but he's nothing special himself. As for Pods, he stinks and (gasp!) I'd rather have Jerry Owens, who I think does not belong in the major leagues. Pods, like Owens, has no offensive pop whatsoever, but unlike Owens, is a horrible defensive OF and would be a major downgrade to the defense if he plays one single pitch in CF. He takes horrible routes to the ball, hasd below average range, and a pop gun arm. It's a tallest midget contest, but this signing helps them in no way whatsoever aside from sentimentality.
  5. Seems like a bunch of overthinking to me. If I'd do anything, I'd ditch giving the top 3 seeds to division winners and instead seed based on record. Otherwise, it's perfectly fine as is IMO.
  6. In a word: stupid. Why fix something that isn't broken?
  7. Fresno game Dec 5

    And, hypothetically, if Gonzaga does refuse, I think I, as a self-proclaimed football guy, may throw my support Bruce's way that day, as that day should be the day that the BB program is showcased on their own instead of being slapped in the face.
  8. Reliable Source in Arizona

    :wall :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Fresno game Dec 5

    Is it wrong for me to hope Gonzaga refuses just to leave a major egg on RG's face?
  10. Lots of U of I football notes in today's Sun-Times

    The biggest reason is probably because OPRF has field turf
  11. Surprise Impact Player 2009

    Reputable source on Rivals? LOL. They report what Zook and his staff tells them to. Again, it's called spin. Spin I am not buying at the moment Based on what I've been told by people I trust that are very close to the program, he may be done, and not just for this season. That said, I hope he can somehow recover and play as he is desperately needed in light of our lack of depth/experience at that position. I'd love as much as anyone for the Rivals spin to be spot on, but I ain't holding my breath.
  12. Bears Sign Tackle Kevin Schaffer

    Even in light of this signing, I still think they need to pick an OT at #18.
  13. Who picked Illinois to lose today?

    We will win and cover easily
  14. Upset Specials

    Duke will destroy Binghamton. I watched their game Saturday. They are terrible. No discipline. They play very dumb basketball. They only beat UMBC because they were somehow worse. Take Duke and give the points and it'll be an easy cover.
  15. Surprise Impact Player 2009

    That, at least in regards to Donsay, is what is called 'spin'