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  1. KenPom's full stats are up

    In 2004-05, we averaged 34.3 rebounds per game, with the top 2 players averaging 13.3 combined. In 2005-06, we averaged 35.7 boards per game, with the top 2 getting 14.5 combined. This season, we are averaging 36.7 rebounds a game with the top 2 getting 13.9 combined.
  2. Illinois-Gonzaga Post Game

    LOL, I don't think you can blame Tis for Harris scoring. Sacre, ok, but not Harris. Pretty soon, Tis will get blamed when the PG hits a 24 footer. :lol:
  3. Eric Gordon -> McCamey

    One guy is a 2 guard and the other guy a point guard. Our guy, the point guard, is one of the best in the nation, and averages almost 8 assists a game. He is exactly what this Illini team needs. The other guy was a big part of what turned into a crap Indiana Hoosiers program.
  4. Fresno postgame

    I watched almost the entire game. If you thought we were more athletic, I thought the opposite. Fresno was much quicker AND faster at the skill positions than us, except QB. They outplayed us. And, they were missing their best running back. We can't throw. NS has quick feet but he short arms the ball. Hard to believe they haven't corrected that since he has been there 1 1/2 years. Bottom line, we are just not very good. Minny, Michigan and now Fresno.
  5. Went to NU - Creighton tonight

    I agree, I think Shurna is very good. What type of recruiting interest did he have in high school? Where did he attend high school?
  6. Weber and Freshman

    What a joke you are, and a joke with an agenda. You didn't even address my post and your lie about ALL front court players. Should we expect you to rip our perimeter players when the players they are guarding score? Or, is it only Tisdale? Grow up!
  7. Weber and Freshman

    Did you post that our 3 front court starters have terrible hands? Yes, you did. Now, you are the biggest Davis supporter around. OK. Maybe, just maybe, you are hitting the sauce too hard. Combine that with limited hoops knowledge and, well, there are posts that don't make sense. BTW Sparky, Tis was the leading scorer and rebounder today and was 6-6 from the FT line.
  8. Weber and Freshman

    Davis was the BT rebounding leader last year and the league leader in double doubles. I guess if he had good hands he would have been the NCAA leader, right? I think Leonard is going to be really good. I predicted pre=season that he would be gone after 2 years. But, as another poster pointed out, he needs a period of adjustment. Tis had gaudy stats as a high school senior, better than ML. They both played against small school competition and it just takes time. However, your hobby seems to be ripping Tisdale and Davis. It has grown old. Yes, I watch most games. And, really, if you think ML is on par with Tis offensively, you truly do not understand basketball. ML has talked about how much Tis has helped him develop moves and also how difficult it is to defend MT when he is low. In Weber's offense, he has Tis 15-22 feet from the basket a lot. That works against him. Just try to be positive and quit gulping the freshmen kool-aid.
  9. Weber and Freshman

    OK Peanut Butter, now you are saying our bigs have terrible hands??? Sheesh buddy, go watch the PBL JV team please. And, please stop the Tisdale bashing. We are 2 weeks into the season and your rants have gotten old. I can only speculate you are a young guy with limited basketball knowledge. Leonard will get minutes. There is a huge adjustment going from playing Newton and Paris to playing top 15 college D1 teams. Right now, Tis is light years ahead of ML on the offensive end. However, we will need both of these guys to play well to be real successful this year.
  10. Yale Postgame

    How about leaving him on the block? How about running a little high/low? The staff is trying to use him like they did Augie. He is not Augie. Play to his positives. Get him the ball low and let him use both hands. Get him touches and he will get to the line where he shoots 80%+. Having him screen 22-23 feet from the basket and then get to the block only tires the kid. He legs were dead the last part of last year. IMO, he gets in foul trouble when the perimeter players can't stay in front of their man. That happened a lot in the Texas game. I don't mind him barking some as there have been plenty of horsesh-- calls.
  11. Yale Postgame

    Tis a double double in 24 minutes, 10 and 13 and only 1 foul, so I guess not a lot of hands out questioning calls.
  12. YALE!

    And most players with four fouls will complain about 3 of them and probably four. Why do you want to see more CH? Oh, I get it, everybody on the bench is always better than the starters.
  13. The Myth about Mike Tisdale

    You must watch about 4 basketball games a year. Oh, and Evan Turner says hello.
  14. Bob Knight's commentary

    He also commented that a team needs to use screens to free players when inbounding against the press. Something we rarely do which is why we have trouble against presses. Hmmmm.