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  1. spring game

    As long as he does not break down under pressure and make mistakes which happened last season the few times he entered the game.
  2. The Clown Show Continues

    After the spring game, there is lingering doubt about achieving six wins.
  3. Young intends to transfer...

    LOL but true.
  4. Coach Banks

    You are right. At least Weber took us to a N. C. game. When would that ever happen with the nonsense that is Illinois football.
  5. Bubbles

    "Move, move, move, move" :eek
  6. Illinois opens as 33 point dogs

    I don't think TB is going to get a player of Juice's quality after the OSU beatdown. He will be lucky if commits do not defect.
  7. Next coach of Illinois....

    Who gets the Harley? :)
  8. Cliff Alexander

    That UI team was better than UNC. It is hard to win when the zebras cannot call a fair game.
  9. Next coach of Illinois....

    Can we hire Mike White back? Does he want to unretire? How about as advisor to Beckman?
  10. Penn State Postgame Thread

    Illinois football in 2012 will join the great myths that it was a team with no talent. Add up all the salaries of NFL players from that team and see what figure you get! :rolleyes
  11. Penn State Postgame Thread

    Are not proms usually in May? Maybe he went to the prom when he was a junior.
  12. Penn State Postgame Thread

    The lack of posts reveals how little interest there is in the Beckman show. We gave the game away at several points. Why throw for a first down on 4th and 1. This is not a MSU defense. Why throw into double coverage when you don't have to do so. Get a freaking first down and you win the game. At least run more clock and maybe even take a safety to pin PSU further back on the free kick. Kick a FG instead of going for it earlier in the game (14-10) and we win if the rest plays out the same. Hard to believe.
  13. Illini football retired numbers

    List names,but not retire jerseys.
  14. Time to Start the FIRE TIM BECKMAN Campaign

    Did I read in an earlier post that we have a shot at beating OSU? :lol: