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  1. Wisconsin & Illinois

    And Texas is? It's a football school where basketball comes a distant second, yet they were still able to land studs from Canada and elsewhere. U of I basketball has a ton of potential with the right coach. I would imagine that the 2005 Final Four had to be one of the toughest tickets in the history of the NCAA tournament.
  2. Wisconsin & Illinois

    The fact that you are arguing Wisconsin was able to obtain better talent than Illinois after Illinois' magical run of 2005 shows that Weber isn't the right guy for the job. We had all of the exposure in the world, and he went out and recruited Chester Frazier, Richard Semrau, and CJ Jackson. Weber is working on borrowed time. Anyone who understand the history and tradition of Illinois basketball realizes that this program is dramatically underachieving right now. I miss the days when 20,000+ fans showed up to see Illinois play a middle of the road Pac 10 team (Oregon) in Chicago. This year, we will probably be lucky if 10,000 fans show up to see us play UNLV.
  3. Wisconsin & Illinois

    Wisconsin has won 7 NCAA tournament games the last 5 years. We have won 1 game. Considering the advantages we have over Wisconsin in recruiting and with our brand, that's unacceptable. And the thing is, everyone who says our recruiting has improved the last 3 years seems to be pointing at Sam Maniscalsco as some sort of savior for this year's team. Why is that if recruiting has picked up?

    I don't think we played well today, but Ohio State is much better than their record shows. IIRC, they were missing players for the first 5 or 6 games, and some of those guys were stars, so it's not like we lost to a bad team. One thing that was very frustrating is that we couldn't stop them from running. When a team runs the ball so many times, you'd think we'd adapt and bring more guys into the box and force them to throw.
  5. I want to thank Ron Zook.......

    What are you talking about? We've been to 6 bowl games the last 19 years. We've been to the NCAA tournament or NIT tournament 17 of the last 19 years (if my memory is correct). As a result, expectations for the two programs are vastly different.
  6. Tough luck for old Bill...

    We were 2-2 against them from 1998 to 2003. I can't remember the scores, but I think we beat them pretty handily in 1999 and 2001. During that time, I didn't think they were light years ahead of us. The year Kruger coached, we drilled them at the United Center.
  7. Tough luck for old Bill...

    These articles were a lot more fun when we actually had a program that could beat Kansas. I remember the fun I had posting over on Phog.net after the Bucknell loss, but these days, Kansas seems light years ahead of our program. Sad.
  8. Spread the word. Our guys deserve to play in front of a sold-out crowd.
  9. Illini Media Day (Season Preview?)

    Actually, I haven't followed his career that closely, but it looks like Boston won 2 titles while he was there. I do agree about some of the poor personnel moves though. The Cubs always tend to sign players at the peak of their success, and they overpay. The only guy that really did well in Chicago who fits that description is Andrew Dawson, although I think they got him cheap because he wanted to play on grass because of his knees.
  10. Illini Media Day (Season Preview?)

    I am a realist. As a Cubs fan, I get excited when I hear things like Theo Epstein might become the new GM of the Cubs. He has proven he can make decisions which lead to championships. As an Illini fan, I am excited that the football team is 6-0 and that I'll likely be spending some quality vacation time in Florida in late December/early January. As an Illini basketball fan, I'm worried. I'm worried because we lost 5 of 7 of our best players from a team that lost 14 games. I'm worried because two of our point guards are injured. Personally, I think that will become the rallying cry of the WFF if we don't make the tournament ...."Give him another year - our point guards were hurt".
  11. Orris stuff

    Yep. 3 D1 players on Crete-Monee, and they couldn't beat a Normal team with only one player headed to play D1 basketball. I think it's safe to say that the level of talent on C-M was overrated. Could be Orris, could be the two bigs that received schollies above their actual talent level, but they lost to a team with one D1 player and probably a few kids that will play D3 ball.
  12. This story would be banned from the scout board

    Ah, Cratch. Athletes and musicians both tend to do pretty well with the ladies. :-)
  13. Let's Wait And See

    Are you really this dumb? Lickliter inherited a job where the coach was pushed out. Weber inherited a job where the coach left for a pay raise at a prestigious basketball school. They didn't inherit anywhere near the same level of programs. Keep posting though. I talk everyday with people that don't go online to post, and they all want Weber out if he doesn't make the NCAA tournament this winter.
  14. Let's Wait And See

    Bravo. We hired Weber because his overall record at SIU was impressive. I think he did a good job with Self's recruits (Dee, Deron, Luther, Augustine, etc.), but he has done nothing much since then. 1 NCAA tournament win in 5 years is "Meh". You shouldn't get five years to learn on the job when you're making over a million dollars/year.
  15. No mention of the wizard of C-U

    So 1) Is Bo Ryan that much better of a coach/developer of talent than Weber? 2) Are recruiting rankings meaningless?