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  1. Illini covers and Wins tonight!!

    If Richmond getsa minutes, and the ball down low ,we have a chance. OSU really couldn't seem to stop him . But if Sullinger can hook and then run over his defender {the way the refs let him usually } we have rwo chances ,slim and none.
  2. Heres one for ya

    Just to try something different, heres a true story of my times as a season ticket holder. First it was the tears between 1978-1984 , my seats were in c-section ,row 12 ,aisle 14. Anyway my brother in-law and would always stop by Barnetts ,(at least I think thats what it was called then) on 1st street and get beer before the game and listen to the pre-game show in the parking lot. After a while we would go on in with beer in our coats and find our seats. Then one of us would always go to the concession stand , get a coke or whatever (had to have the cup), a brat cause they were so good and popcorn. By the way we would clank if we hit the turnstyles . We would drink the soda so we could pour our beer in the cups. Beside us sat a couple who looked business like (in our minds) so we always tried to br discreet who wouldn't.Later in the years we noticed they also brought in a bottle they could share between them. we were actually suprised. I ,as dumb as it sounds thought we were being coy with our contraban . Had some great times then ,and just wondered if it still goes on, of course I know it does ,but anybody got any storys to share? Hope I don't get blocked.
  3. Small Lineup

    I meant richardson instead of richmond twice,sorry. Also sorry my computer is so slow tonite.
  4. Small Lineup

    If you were to ask me , which obviously you didn't , I would start Leonard,Richmond,Paul,Richmond,and or Bertrand-Head be dam&% with the outcome and stick with them the rest of the year without subbing.
  5. Is this season really a DISASTER?

    Exactly, in fact superb post if I may say. However, let me also say at home I can be a Weber basher with the best of em. I simply will not do it here because theres enough already. And the reason this team hasn't filled the bill is because they just are'nt that good. I hate and I was fooled just like many who post here. I was stupid enough to beleive that we would contend for a Big 10 title, but thats my fault . Now, do I think Self or Krueger could have won more ,maybe maybe not. But this team is really not that talented aside from shooting ability. I just wish we had more ball handlers or at least someone who can handle the ball as good as McCamey (who I don't consider that great). Is it Webers fault ,Probably, but you would think these guys would understand thier shortcomings in that regard and do something about it . In my circle of relation,nephews,cousins and the like, we're losing our collective minds. Not so much because of the record, but because of the improvement that wasn't realized by the players.I cringe when I see DMac dribble the clock like to 5 secs. like many of you,only to see aq desperation shot that we ,(at my house) scream move the ball! You can blame Weber if you want but in my mind , we have 4 upper classmen that don't really care that much. I just wish they cared as much as the fandom.
  6. The more he talks/writes, the worse it gets

    Are we all not supposed to be fans here . Of couese there some that are here for their $%&* stirring pleasure but,I see people calling each other out here constantly if they don't agree with Weber or Guenther either way . Some of its over the top . Me, I enjoy reading the posts until after a few paragraphs its right back to the WELL YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT line only not quite so nicely put .
  7. The more he talks/writes, the worse it gets

    I'm glad we agree. I really thought you might want to try to rip me . Anyway , next time Tate has a chat I'll offer my home phone,cell,and work number if he would like to respond . However thats probably about as likely as me winning the lottery every week for the rest of my life.
  8. The more he talks/writes, the worse it gets

    It wouldn"t bother me to put a name and a face with anything I post . Would it you . I'm not calling anybody out in any way but it might make this site more civil.
  9. The more he talks/writes, the worse it gets

    While don't agree with with Mr. Tate more than half of the time, I think the article was exactly on target . Sorry that I disagree with you , but this board has gotten out of hand with the venomous comments . I've made some myself but I'll try not to again . As I said I'll try .
  10. Okay, who's telling the truth?....

    I don't know what goes on in the locker room , at practice , or when the team is just hanging out . But, in my day there would have been extremely heated discussion , if not an old type bar room brawl if this was said about teammates . I personally can't believe this isn't the case. I'll have a better idea tomorrow night ,maybe something good can come out of it, but I doubt it.
  11. Okay, who's telling the truth?....

    Don't know who to believe here , but it sounds like turmoil at best.