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  1. Matta Done?

    Lots of reports. Here is one: http://ohiostate.247sports.com/Article/Ohio-State-Buckeyes-basketball-coach-Thad-Matta-to-retire-after--53035954
  2. Wichita State now officially a member of the AAC

    Yeah and the inability to get BCS schools to schedule them will hurt any opportunity for an at large. Sucks for many of those programs in the MVC.
  3. We Will Win Phrase

    LOL, hell no, wasn't dumb enough to buy one, nor anything related to 2005 on it. I lived through 88. You might of been your daddy's wet dream back then but the "Lou Can Do" really got old...to where even as a kid, I felt no way does some slogan need a place in a program like IL. Found it a joke. Now it's a millennial battle cry. It isn't for me as I don't live, die, cry, bitch, moan, complain and completely #$%&@! my pants over a college basketball program, or a coach. Root for the IL, hope they win. Just got to watch what you wish for, could become worse...and did.
  4. We Will Win Phrase

    No Brian, it was time to move on...but his teams's played defense. Just not enough offense to compensate for it. Surely you recognize that from the sand hills of Nebraska.
  5. We Will Win Phrase

    no defense in his book..so no, no Weber. They'll win some games, but with no stress on defense, you'll see some 18-10 or 19-9 seasons. I don't see much different other than the faces on sidelines and wasn't really expecting it.
  6. We Will Win Phrase

    no...nothing brilliant about it. I heard it pitched/thrown around in little league circles long before this became UI's battle cry.
  7. We Will Win Phrase

    Getting old and was bad to begin with. I would expect that phrase seen on some mural in a Jr high hallway. The hire is ok, nothing huge. But lose this slogan.
  8. Video from the airport - Whitman & Underwood

    we will never be feared regardless who we at the helm. At least no more than any other program across the major 5 conferences
  9. Official Coaching Search Thread

    No way...won't happen. With a new coach...it'll be a win now at all costs or a crucifixion. If the class coming in stays together, it will be an expected top 3 in conference finish and top 5 seed expectation. Fans are tired of hearing about how good they are or the rank they are. It'll be a back them into a corner, produce results now kind of year, or you be ran right out of town before you can unpack.
  10. Official Coaching Search Thread

    Weber got his guys to buy into defense. Guys who stress that are usually azzholes to begin with. I'd rather have that than some candyass waving to the crowd. Guess you prefer candyasses...the wave of the future. I'll pass on that kind of hire.
  11. Official Coaching Search Thread

    It was in progress... but too took long for the wheels to start turning. Couldn't meet the demands.
  12. All are on the same page. Not one stands out more than another.
  13. Official Coaching Search Thread

    conference, facilities, recruiting didn't mean much the last time around. Probably wont this time either.
  14. Official Coaching Search Thread

    to come here would be a step down at this time.
  15. Attractiveness of UI Job

    Same thing said 40-50 years ago. You will to in 5