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  1. It's pretty bad with the tribal violence in Kenya. Scary place for those excellent runners.
  2. Went crazy this weekend and bought two side mirrors, a horn, a seat post mounted- rack, and have customized my p.o.s. bike! BALLIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  3. You are

    the sunshine of my life.
  4. (cM)

  5. Continue the sex questions:

    next time, lube up your a-hole first. :rolleyes
  6. El Santo, are you going to WWE on Friday? (nm)

    if I come across a ticket, do you want it? I haven't asked, yet.
  7. joker arrested:

    Riddler still at large!
  8. who dis????

    ^5, there's mah partnah!
  9. who dis????

    Al's done some nice work.
  10. who dis????

    song's been out for awhile. Al is a white dude who produces tracks. i don't think he raps. he's worked closely with Mobb Deep. at one time either Havoc or the other rapper thought he was a narc. east coast dude.
  11. Phone.