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  1. Wrigley One Way

    I can just see this game sucking real bad, like 3-0, where both offenses struggle and we once again become the laughingstock of the nation, if we aren't already are.
  2. The Definitive Case Against Ron Guenther

    This should be emailed to all season ticket holders and students. Just like that email we all got from Mr. G begging us to come to the Minnesota game.
  3. 4 tix for MINN 11/13/10

    Section 125 (West main) Row 21 Seats 20-23
  4. 4 tix for MINN 11/13/10

    Selling four tickets to the Minnesota game this Saturday for $15 each. Would prefer to sell all four together, but I'm willing to split them up. Not enough time to mail them, but I live in Champaign payment/transfer shouldn't be a problem. Email me at: andrew.helregel@gmail.com
  5. scUM post-game

    We missed some chances to take this game. I thought when we went up a TD in the fourth that "this is a game good teams win". I guess we're just not there yet. Forget about this one as quickly as possible (very tough) and come back to lay a whomping on Minnesota. Michigan is a unique team offensively so I think our defense will be fine. Proud of our offense today. Things are looking good for an 8-4 season.
  6. No Reviews?

    All game there were numerous close plays on both sides that I thought would have been reviewed. But even the announcers never mentioned the thought of it. Was the replay official out sick? Anyone have any news on this?
  7. Rich Rod

    Shanahan's deal really surprised me as well. I never knew him to be that style of coach when he was in Denver. Granted, when you have Elway and others, coaching is made a little easier. I wonder if Michigan's AD will let Rich Rod stay and hire a new D coordinator (similar to what Guenther did here) or if he'll just start brand new, likely with Harbaugh or Miles.
  8. Rich Rod

    http://www.illinihq.com/news/football/2010...n_the_defensive "Athletic director Dave Brandon isn't ready to share his thoughts on the Rodriguez-led program that has won just four of 20 conference games and 13 of 32 overall. "I'll comment on the state of the program after the season," Brandon said Monday morning. "I know the coaches and the players are working hard to get better." The Wolverines seem to be getting worse on defense, giving up at least 34 points in each Big Ten game after opening the season by allowing Connecticut and Notre Dame to score 34 points combined. "I don't know how much improvement you're going to get during a season," Rodriguez said. Michigan's secondary was decimated before the season started. Cornerback Donovan Warren chose to skip his senior year to enter the NFL draft, cornerback Troy Woolfolk broke his ankle and other potential contributors either transferred or couldn't get into the school. The results haven't been pretty." Seems to me as more of an overall statement of how he thinks football teams progress. I assume he emphasizes a greater jump in the offseason rather than week to week. Still seems pretty ignorant.
  9. Rich Rod

    "I don't know how much improvement you're going to get during a season," Rodriguez said. Has he taken a look at Illinois? The offense has improved every game and the defense is getting better even though they were pretty good at the beginning of the year. Just a lame excuse from the scUM head coach?
  10. Recruits

    That is the second time you've posted "JW". Who exactly is JW? Maybe you mean JH?
  11. Another FB player arrested

    Amen. End of thread.
  12. Basketball: Early Season games for sale

    Are you willing to split up the four? If I buy some from you I'll only need 2.
  13. Illinois vs IU

    Pick-6 and Illinois is up 24-7. I cringed when Youman took off his helmet on the field after the celebration. I don't know what year he is, but that's probably just a youth mistake. He was nearly at the sidelines, his teammates preventing him from getting there. Also, probably doesn't get much playing time (first time I've noticed him) so inexperience likely the factor. Vic said he was stressing creating turnovers in practice this week. Looks like it's working.
  14. Illinois vs IU

    Offense finally hitting a bit of a groove in this game. If we can take a big lead into halftime we can focus on running the ball in the second half and take time off the clock.
  15. Illinois vs IU

    Not a good start by our offense. Two 3-and-outs, one coming off a pick so it happens to get us a FG. Defense had chances to stop IU on their third drive, just couldn't make it happen. We need to score some points.