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  1. New DC

    http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/post/_/id/8...-koenning-as-dc Illinois will hire Kansas State co-defensive coordinator Vic Koenning to the same position, ESPN.com has learned. Koenning will be the sole defensive coordinator with the Fighting Illini, who demoted co-coordinators Dan Disch and Curt Mallory last week. Disch will coach the linebackers in 2010, while Mallory will coach the defensive backs. Koenning and Chris Cosh oversaw a Kansas State defense that ranked 40th nationally and 16th against the run. Koenning spent just one year with the Wildcats after serving as Clemson's defensive coordinator from 2005-08. The Tigers' defense finished in the top 25 nationally in scoring, total defense, and pass efficiency defense in each of Koenning's four seasons there. An Illinois official couldn't confirm Koenning's hiring and said no official announcement would be made Tuesday. Credit head coach Ron Zook and the Illinois administration for being aggressive in the recent hires. New offensive coordinator Paul Petrino is a solid addition, and Illinois will pay him handsomely ($475,000 annually). Koenning likely can expect a nice salary as well. Zook tried to bring in Penn State defensive line coach Larry Johnson last year, but Johnson ended up staying in State College.
  2. Tribune article on Miller recruitment

    to my knowledge anyone who sucks can't play in the NBA. Obviously Wright doesn't suck because he's playing for the Hornets. yeppp- he sucked.
  3. Post game

    great comeback. should never have been down 23...
  4. ILL Vs Clemson

    these refs are no where near perfect. It's looking like they're going over the back on every rebound...2 of the 3 fouls on DMAC were questionable...
  5. Top 5 NCAA coaches (at this point in time)

    1) Roy Williams 2) Tom Izzo 3) Bill Self 4) Coach K 5) Calipari
  6. Pike returning against us

    It was announced today that Tony Pike, the 6-6 Quarterback for Cincinnati, was going to be starting again against Illinois after being hurt. Is this a good thing that he might be a little rusty or will it come back to bite us because he's a great passer and Illinois clearly can't stop the pass. Collaros has done a tremendous job for the Bearcats in a substitution role but Pike is the better passer... thoughts- Would you rather see Collaros or Pike at QB for Cinncy?
  7. Zone Read, Juice vs. Charest

    if he can pass-it works for me. Iowa didn't run much against NW
  8. 3 different QB's in a half. who would've guessed
  9. this guy is special. Hopefully he's going to become a 2 way player and be a stud at WR as well.
  10. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams, a WR from Syracuse has left school and is no longer a part of the team. He was one of the nations leading receivers and was on the short list for the Biletnikoff Award. My question is, can he still go to the NFL considering he was in school for more than 3 years?
  11. Illinois is better than USC

  12. Prater

    After that great game...where do we stand on Kyle Prater now?
  13. Michigan Postgame

    Maybe we can do what we did 2 years ago and beat a team that we shouldn't (tOSU) and beat Cincy. That will give our guys confidence going into the final game vs. Fresno...but still-have to take one game at a time
  14. That goes to show that hustle really does do something on the football field.
  15. that half made me sick to watch...other than the first drive we've sucked on offense. I don't think it's time for Charest though..We're down 6 at half..give Juice some more time