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  1. 17 days till Illini football kicks off

    Always excited, but it's going to be a rough season. Haven't looked it up, but don't we have something like 75% of the roster as underclassmen?
  2. Smalling commits

    Zook's teams were, I believe, second only to Wisconsin during his time at Illinois. I would argue you need to be good at more than one "something" to be relevant. But at least one on each side of the ball, and special teams, would be a good start.
  3. Beckman and the media

    Good thing Groce is competent, imagine if we had two boobs. :dance
  4. Bailey transferring

    I remember how bad he was as a senior! :) Just kidding, but I was never a big fan of ROT. I don't like seeing talented athletes transfer, but I don't blame AB in this case, I'd want out too, and would be none too happy about having two years of eligibility used up with virtually no experience gained in the process.
  5. NFL Playoffs Thread

    Any football loving fan knows that was a catch. Typical, the Packers get another big call go their way in the postseason.
  6. Cold Light of Reality

    Did you build the HTPC yourself, or did you hire someone to do it for you? I know there are some outfits that sell HTPC builds online too. I use a simple HTPC setup at home exclusively, no cable tv but supplemented with Netflix and Amazon Prime, and I love it.
  7. 2014 Bears

    Also, I agree with David Haugh in the Tribune, this is the perfect opportunity to start Fales. I had that notion last week but agreed that going up against the #2 defense in the league is not a way to christen a rookie QB. Worst case scenario is Cutler plays the whole game, is injured severely on the last play of the game (ala Urlacher two years ago), thus forcing him to be paid more $ according to the terms of his contract, and the Bears win, thus winding up with a worse draft pick and a more difficult schedule in 2015.
  8. 2014 Bears

    Hey man, I have been saying the same thing ever since that dirty hit on Clausen. Imagine that, actually rooting for the Packers in a game that has no baring on the Bears' playoff picture. Way to go Lions...douchebags. Too bad, because otherwise I would be rooting for the Lions on account of it being forever since they have been any good.
  9. 2014 Bears

    I gave myself an out by saying that playing Fales probably wasn't a good idea. I only meant that the idea of seeing Clausen fumble his way through a game, similarly to or worse than Cutler, will not be entertaining to me. On the other hand, if he actually plays well, that will be fun, because then fans will be even more irate at Cutler/Trestman/Emery. The sports writers will light up if that happens.
  10. 2014 Bears

    Not excited at all to see Clausen. I'd much rather see Fales, but then, if he's at all going to have a shot at playing consistently in the NFL maybe playing in live action with this team is not a good idea.
  11. 2014 Bears

    Considering the major announcement at half time was that ESPN re-signed him through 2021, not really. I like Gruden and Tirico, too, but they were pretty much talking about how bad both teams were last night, as they should.
  12. 2014 Bears

    My one source of hope is that fortunes can and do change drastically from one year to the next in the NFL. I would like to see the Bears take a long term approach to team-building. Emery scrambled in trying to peacemeal a team via free agency, which looked good on paper before the season started, but obviously it hasn't worked. To that end, how would you rate Emery's 2014 draft class? Kyle Fuller Ego Ferguson Will Sutton Ka'deem Carey Brock Vereen David Fales Pat O'Donnell Charles Leno Jr. Here's a list of undrafted rookies that were signed, one of which saw his first action last night I believe, OL Ryan Groy. http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/bears/post/_/id/4692150/bears-agree-to-terms-with-undrafted-rookies If you had to decide whether or not to keep Emery around based on last year's draft class, would he get another year? I'm curious to get opinions on that, but my take is it was maybe just good enough.
  13. B1G has alerted schools...

    It helps in terms of next season prep for those players who will return next year, but you could also argue that the time spent coaching during those three weeks or so is detrimental (i.e. better spent on the recruiting trail), especially if you have a poor showing in the bowl game.
  14. 2014 Bears

    This: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/ct-bear-essentials-spt-1204-20141203-story.html Good teams build through the draft, and (nay, because?) free agents are mostly inherently overpriced. Emery gets a little leeway because he inherited a roster mostly devoid of younger homegrown talent. But looking forward, is the arrow pointing up in that regard? I'm not convinced it is. Emery's record thus far seems to indicate he's only marginally better than Angelo was at evaluating talent, IMO.
  15. B1G has alerted schools...

    Not going to a bowl is not the worst thing to happen. Big Ten teams share bowl revenue equally with member schools, so missing a bowl is in the best interest of Illinois financially, at least within a vacuum. You could argue that going to a bowl leads to increased prestige for the program (wrong, unless it's an elite bowl), which leads to more fan interest, which leads to more revenue. But I don't buy it, and would add that a loss, especially in a non-elite bowl game, nullifies prestige, however miniscule it was to begin with. Not going to a bowl, while not great for the players, is not the worst thing to happen to Illinois. http://www.forbes.com/sites/prishe/2014/01/01/do-the-economics-of-bowl-games-make-sense-for-schools-sponsors/ Interesting quote taken from that article, which should be a concern if you're Illinois: