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  1. Worst Illinois coach in your time?

    Bob Blackman !! Lost a bundle
  2. Creativity & Risk

    The two words in my topic line sum up how the Illini coaching staff have failed. There has been no creativity or risk taken with this offense. Too many bad coaching calls and no mixing things up.. We are averaging 15 points per game - remember the 45 points we scored against ISU are part of that average. I know you cant go deep with every pass or run to many options but enough of the up the middle stuff that any defense can pick up on. If Fayson would have caught the deep ball and Juice would not have overthorwn Benn up the middle those would have been big plays - they have rarely called the deep ball. I would like to see more risk and creativity the remainder of the season. Nothing to lose!!! Thoughts???
  3. Post Game Beers With Zook

    On paper I agree with you - - In reality we are not who you think we are. This is probably one of the worst teams we have fielded in years!! Not because we have no talent but because we have a lousy coaching staff. Zook is a huge problem but he has no good coaches under him which magnifies our problems. Any good leader has great talent below him - Successful coaches are as good as the people below them. Bottom line, Zook not a great coach which I could be o.k. with if he hired great assistants under him but that has not happened either. I will always support my Illini but something has to give and it begins with coaching changes!!!!!
  4. No way Zook gets fired

    If we keep loosing, I do not see how Zook can be kept around. The fact that he has recruited what has been touted as so much talent makes this situation totally different then the lousy coaches of the past. Previous years and coaches had no expectations placed on them. Zook recruited better and we should have a record that reflects that and we do not. Ron Turner failed to coach and recruit - Zook has simply failed as a coach which I see as worse. Again, I think it is easier to keep a coach around that you almost expect to fail because expectations are so low. make sense??