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  1. Most Upsetting Quote of the Day Poll

    again: http://www.illinihq.com/forums/index.php?s...rt=#entry175427 disch's quote is the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Zook's verbal support by RG

    i realize it's a lump sum. i posted the link (that staples later posted) with that clause in his contract. having said that, there *are* the financial resources to buy out zook and the assistants with guaranteed contracts and still hire a big-name coach *and* qualified assistants.
  3. Most Upsetting Quote of the Day Poll

    i'm hoping against hope that someone puts it in print. or at least do what they usually do with unfavorable information: start leaking it locally.
  4. Most Upsetting Quote of the Day Poll

    the most upsetting quote of the day isn't on your list. unfortunately, the ECIMEZs who overheard it will sit on the quote until 2011.
  5. Zook's verbal support by RG

    money isn't the principal issue. as things are, we've an interim president, no chancellor (to whom or through the AD reports), an interim provost, a lame duck AD, and therefore a lame duck head football coach. to say nothing of three yet-to-be replaced trustees on the BoT.
  6. Zook's verbal support by RG

    no, i've not read it in its entirety; and i'm not sure whether it's the clause is current, but ... see II ©. http://www.coacheshotseat.com/IllinoisCoachesHotSeat.pdf
  7. Zook's verbal support by RG

    not sure whether it's base or total comp. i'll have to look through my email.
  8. Zook's verbal support by RG

    iirc, zook's contract calls for a lump sum payment within 90 days of termination.
  9. Next Illini Coach

    re: the "successes": i'd like to know whether the HC brought most of his staff with him. if sumlin, for instance, wasn't going to bring his OC and QB coach (to name two), then would y'all lose all interest in him?
  10. Tulsa Coach

    i don't get the fascination with sumlin. he's in his second year at houston. (his first was 8-5.) he's winning with briles' players, no? is he proven?
  11. Next Illini Coach

    off the top of my head ... ? colorado, illinois, louisville, maryland, memphis, texas a&m, virginia, and wazzu will all consider making changes. now, i'm not sure that any of those are "hot", but ... neither is illinois. and god only knows what happens once the dominos start falling ... and for that matter, a guy like kelly might decide to stick it out another year at cincinnati and see what opens up in 2010. someone tossed out this guy http://www.gvsulakers.com/sports/m-footbl/...in_chuck00.html the other day. that's an interesting notion. even moreso considering his predecessor was some guy named brian kelly ...
  12. Next Illini Coach

    kelly is going to be one of the "hot" candidates. he'll likely be in-line for bigger and better things ...
  13. Next Illini Coach

    second that. shanahan is likely to be the next head coach of the 'skins.
  14. Tulsa Coach

    if you believe the rumors, fisher has grown tired of dealing with players, agents, general managers, and management in the NFL. and as a USC alum, he has spoken at length with pete carroll about the transition from the NFL to FBS. course, if carroll were to leave, the trojan faithful are convinced that either fisher or del rio (or "sark") would replace him, so ...