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  1. The Definitive Case Against Ron Guenther

    We've missed at least 3 bowls in the RG tenure due to scheduling alone. During some of the 3 and 4 win seasons, if we had the opportunity to gain confidence against some weaker opponents, it may have made the remainder more successful. RG has had his time here, and now it's time to go. Aside from FB, the program he has had an opportunity to establish as a mainstay is hockey. I loved the hockey games and the crowds were great. It would help sell a bunch of those Go Illini cards.
  2. Curt Mallory=GREAT Success at Akron

    I think one can safely say that most of the previous assistant coaches were out of their league. It's amazing how much better the defense is this year: discipline, intensity and perseverance have returned. The offense reminds me of 1998's: a decent running game and a freshman QB learning on the job.
  3. What we Know about the Big Ten

    Agree. The fact that PU couldn't move the ball against the ND defense tells me there's not much speed on the offensive side of the ball, plus their QB is pretty inexperienced. I think IU is going to have a good year. I think they're slightly better than NU this year. MN is just dreadful on defense. I'm glad we don't play WI and IA. PSU and MSU are definitely winnable games if our execution improves and Petrino has a few more wrinkles he hasn't shown yet. I think we match up well with MI, Tez neutralizes Robinson.
  4. Scheelhaase

    Wow, it was the first game for the DC and OC as well. They truly didn't know what they were working with either. Let the team come together this week and try to get a win. If we lose this week, RELEASE THE HOUNDS!
  5. What will it take for Weber to get the boot?

    I agree. Most people are in the middle and understand that you have to have the players to make a good team. Weber's mistakes have mostly been in recruiting. The lack of guards has killed this team the past 4 seasons. Jamar Smith was such a key loss, and obviously the IDKWTI fiasco hurt tremendously. My first thought is that the moderators are planting most of these posts because the IB boards are close to flat-lining, but it could be that trolls abound, and they love to spread negativity the first chance they get. College sports has become a silly place. Vegas and TV revenue have made the NFL, NBA and college FB and BB corrupt and less fun to watch because you can see by how the games are refereed that certain teams/players receive benefits. Regardless of our tourney fate, this was a good growing experience for the freshman. DJ, Paul and Griffey proved that their upside is excellent. I'm most interested in viewing these boards at this time next year after we watch this team +Bertrand, +Richmond, +Leonard, +BTPOY McCamey, +Richardson, +Paul, +Davis(biggest x-factor IMO), +Tisdale(+5 lbs, lol), +Griffey, +Head, +Cole(probably limited role unless he puts on 25 lbs). We basically lose no players from this year's team (assuming the best in the off-season) and gain experience and some excellent Freshman. When we had the players, Weber was a genius. During these leaner times, Weber needs to go. As long as Weber can continue having classes like 2007, 2009 and 2010, he will be here for many years because that's what keeps most coaches employed - having the players. It's interesting to see Purdue without Hummel. Is Painter still a genius?
  6. Wisconsin Post-Game

    Question for all who are complaining about the attrition from the past 4 years: When was our last top 20 recruiting class? Zook's only useful piece of wisdom is that recruiting is the life blood of a program. No one is going to tell me that Kansas or Duke would be any better with our players. We have been running on fumes with regard to top 75 players. Davis, Cole, Keller, Tisdale and Jamar are supposed to be our primary contributors, and not one of them has proved themselves to be even 2nd team all BT. Jamar would have been our best player the past 2 years and we missed his production dearly. McCamey isn't good enough to carry the team every game, and he shouldn't have to. Our freshman will be good. They're just young and they didn't have a Brian Cook to lean on. I have high hopes for this team next year. Bruce has his work cut out for him, but he will have depth and experience at every position. This team ended up in the middle of the BT, exactly as predicted at the beginning of the year.
  7. Fire Weber Bandwagon

    Teams with top talent go 31-4. I'm predicting 6 losses next year, 2 OOC. A year is going to make a world of difference with Richmond coming in. There are three players getting a decent amount of minutes on this team that shouldn't be seeing ANY PT. Replace that with Bertrand, more Paul and Richmond, and we'll have 6 losses. This is all assuming McCamey returns.
  8. Rehashing those 10 minutes.

    Live by the 3, die by the 3. Their best big man, who is arguably their best player, was injured as well.
  9. Depression Setting In

    We shouldn't have to pass more than 10 times to beat SIU. NIU is a different story. We will have to play well to beat them. If our OL and DL are intact, we should be fine. We will have a better passing game this year with a QB that will deliver the ball to the receivers. The huge question will be the secondary, again.
  10. The ticking time-bomb

    Government is synonymous with inefficiency, bloating, entitlement and unaccountability. It's a service-oriented business that is run like companies from the 80's. I would love to see a team of lean experts analyze and revamp their workflows. The problem is that any money saved from that investigation would be wasted on something else.
  11. Utah Postgame

    Reason we lost: We did not play well in the post in any capacity today. - There were no feeds to the post on most possessions. - The freshman did not know how to deal with a 7'3" body in the lane, need to use the pull-up jumper. - We can not stop penetration again this year, and once at the basket we had no one to block the shot. - I didn't see one white jersey on any rebound after one of our shots, except maybe a couple long rebounds out of the lane. - WAY too many offensive rebounds and putbacks by Utah. They would have had twelve 1st half points otherwise. - Davis had his first test of the year this year and laid down. He got pushed around like a rag doll. This is one of those games that Bruce will be using as fuel, and it's good that it occurred early in the year. There is a reason this team was a fringe top 25 team at the beginning of the year.
  12. Need ideas

    Guys, I was hoping for more creative solutions. Really, I was just testing to see if there was any sense of humor remaining on this black hole of a board. Instead, I received holier-than-thou type condemnation. I guess I know the answer to my question. Brumby, all 3 of your once enjoyable boards are fizzling out.
  13. Zook Starting to Get It

    Nicely said, '82
  14. Need ideas

    Solution must include a cooling system. File drawers and overhead compartments are too small. There is a decent amount of under-the-desk area. I don't want to be smuggling in cans and/or bottles. Sorry in advance if the solution has been posted before. Thanks.
  15. Philosophies and players approach

    I hope if Zook changes one thing, it's what he tells the media: "We can't give up big plays, and we can't turn the ball over." How can you have the attack mentality as a player if all you're trying to do is prevent something from happening? So what if a big play happens, it happens. So what if we have a turnover, it happens. Come back with more ferocity, and as a coach or QB, pick them up mentally instead of looking like a deer in headlights. The players will sense that. IMO, the game plan of ball control feeds directly into our weakness on offense. It's only possible if you have your best players and a QB that can convert on 3rd down with his arm. We do NOT have that QB as of yesterday. At that point, we need to pick up yardage in big chunks, and we need to be 3rd and 3 or less most of the time, sad but true. Cumberland has obviously not committed himself to being the best he can be, no touches for the TE's until late, and Duvalt is showing the hands of last year. Those were my biggest disappointments yesterday. Benn goes out, and we decide to fold instead of picking up a teammate. ARRGGGGH! Not giving up by any means, and there is no more "coaching up" that is possible at this point. Change the attitude on the team and get them playing a complete game. Yesterday was just a continuation of the last 4 games from last year.