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  1. Getting to the pro's - the Henry family way

    u are such a brave and wonderful white knight coming to the rescue of kansas jaychoke lovers on Illinois board what a hearo gag
  2. Getting to the pro's - the Henry family way

    even though rush didnt have a good enuf transcrpt to get into Illinois? even though Bill $3lf had to cheat to get him in to kansas? even though Bill $elf had to cheat to get arthur in to kansas? aeven though Bill $elf had to give chalmers daddy a job he wasnt qualified for? even though Bill $elf had to out bid calipari for the henrys? go wallow in the mud and dirt with bill $elf!!!!!!!! judgment day is a comin for Bill $3lf!!!!! mark my words!!!!!!
  3. Calipari? LMFAO!!!!!! Bil $elf is outbidding Calipari. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ when Calipari goes down hes gonna take $elf down with him. choose to ignore the truth!
  4. I knew you was lying. thats what liars do
  5. Getting to the pro's - the Henry family way

    before the paint was dry on your post a kansas jaychoke poster did try to defend it larue hes even worse than the homer kansas jaychoke posters on phoggy phogg phogg. this is some of what they have posteded: former alumni turned Benedict Arnold...Carl Henry. ahh another chapter for the divas, how nice. I wonder if Self still has Lance's cell phone number? So if the Lance circus is worse than the Henry circus next season will be very entertaining. It looks like this one is over. Xavier and CJ to UK. Lance, come on down. Carl Henry: Stop. Just Stop. You've lost all resemblance of a rational human being. Now you're just: blah, blahh blah blahh blah they are acting like prima donnas, and most certainly all you do is talk. Even if X comes I don't think he can handle Self's system. This is enough of a soap opera - too often and too long. I cant see when something like this happened, the kids (I mean the whole team) coud focus in the games n indeed not having rifts deep in their hearts, with these two plus their father on the roster. Prima donnas indeed, let them go, or even make them go. Seriously, this could turn into addition by subtraction if these jokers don't show. They have already altered team chemistry in a negative way if they DO show, since they are not here now when the tough summer work is being done. If they stay away, no changes to the team chemistry that is already in place. Plus, "ZA-VEE-A" will think he calls the shots, and that will be even more trouble. And let's not forget the daddy factor, even if Big Carl is a former Jayhawk. Anyone remember Papa Padgett? we were ever so confident when the team returned, now the questions are the Henrys, Lance ... the team will only knit closer now if we just bite the bullet and cut off the cancerous cells. Tell the jokers that they are released and Lance to go Cincy. WHEN WILL U PEOPLE REALIZE THAT LARUE IS WORSE THAN A KANSAS JAYCHOKE HOMER AND KOOLAID DRINKGER?
  6. LOL!!!!! it took me less than 10 posts to force lucky baldwin to be my beyotch it took me less that THREEEEEEEE for beastismybeyotch!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet this is a lie but we will see see if you can stop stalking for a couple months, dude
  7. you r a liar. i know this becuz your argument is so stupid weber played tisdale over semrau even though semarau was a year older and higher ranking in hs weber played davis over semrau even though semrau was a year older and higher ranking in hs weber played keller over semrau even though keller was a jc kid weber played a jc kid rodney alexander over mike davis weber didnt play legion when he didnt produce you are a internet stalker and a liar
  8. speaking of shtick we get that u want to undermine legions confidence on every board and get other indianer and gheyhawk fans to join u give it up / u a clown
  9. Some Klee comments on recruiting...

    when will the mods get rid of these kansas posters? oh yeah, the mods are kansas posters
  10. ESPN Bracketology

    this kansas troll hadnot made one good illinois basketball post in ever i made him my beyotch in under 10 posts he my huckleberry now, my patsy, my fall guy, my servant, my puppet by the way if u use the same reasoning kansas has to give up there title / and not for cheating!!!!! mempuss gave them that game. isn't that true?
  11. ESPN Bracketology

    based on you predictions in the past, we gonna win the nationel championship, brotha!!!!!!
  12. ESPN Bracketology

    before the big 10 season last year, didnt you write? Agreed, we should get 6-7 wins for sure, a good chance at 8, over that is a stretch. http://www.illinihq.com/forums/index.php?s...ic=7446&hl= i dont think u should use words like stretch or realistic if 8 is a stretch what is 11? to much low-balling here, brothha
  13. ESPN Bracketology

    didnt you write this near the beginning of last season? Finishing in the top 5 of the conference would be a huge accomplishment. The Vandy-UIC game erasee the value of our best win. Major suckage. http://www.illinihq.com/forums/index.php?s...ic=7050&hl= what kind of acomplishment is finishing in top 2? to much low-balling on this site
  14. Loy leaving

    do you not see the diffirence between happy gleeful posts and nonstop hate filled posts? you are shoveling more bs and by taking the jaychoke side you are no better than him full of nonstop bs and hate
  15. Loy leaving

    because he always posts against Illinois? because he hates Illini players coaches and fans? because he a liar hypoctrit that wrote this: sorry bub. anyone who routinely makes fun of other people's demise, deserves any in-kind response he gets. i'm glad the POTUS has shined a bright, shining light on this long-term hate-monger. if we had elected a black president earlier, this would've happened sooner. http://www.illinihq.com/forums/index.php?s...=10277&st=0 becauuse he dumps on any journalist that likes the Illini? becauuse he harshes on Illinois assistant coachs? becauuse he hasnt written a kind word about Illinois in ever? i thought you were against bs but now you are shoveling it