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  1. Welcome back to the top 25 post-game!

    Great job guys! There seems to be fewer WFF posting here, but I am sure there still are a few out there. For these fans, in addition to the players and coaching staff, please remember to thank Mike Thomas (and those fans with high expectations) for the results in this tournament. Then again, I know the likely responses: - There is no knowing what Bruce would have done with these guys as seniors! It is unfair he did not have a chance! - Lets see if Groce can win with his own players. - It's only USC, Chaminade and Butler. - BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR ILLINI NATION. Forget it. THE BAD MAN CAN NO LONGER HURT US!
  2. Nunn to IL?

    I am also not impressed. I have been convinced over the years by Nichi that the recent commitment(s) is only due to the cyclical nature of the receptivity levels of the Chicago area. If you look at our past history, we were due to land one of these guys. Who is to say that BAM would not be having the same results right now? #BECAREFULWHATYOUWISHFOR Oh - and welcome Mr. Nunn. Nice.
  3. Caption This

    How can I be expected to win basketball games when my players cannot even fit into the building? "Uh, Mr. Weber, the picture is just an optical allusion. You are just much closer to the camera than the rest of the stadium, which in actuality is quite big". Ah - I see. Well, in that case, did I mention our players are young? And mentally weak? That they have not immediately bought into my system? That also the AD has not given me oral support in the past day? And so forth. "Yes - Mr. Weber. It was all in your bio that you handed out to the local media."
  4. The Problem: Coaches don't want to come work for MT

    Doubler - You do realize that if Mïke Thomas had fired Bruce Weber after the Purdue game and the results were the same (we imploded), that they narrative of his detractors would have changed from "he should have fired Bruce after that press conference to prevent the implosion" to "he went against his word about evaluating Bruce at the end of the season and created the implosion." Right?
  5. Who is your favorite poster on this board?

    Cratch - if you could actually achieve an erection, I think some posters might be weirded out by the previous comment. As it stands, I think they know better. As for myself, I currently have a #shakaboner that just won't quit (trademarked). And boy, this thread is escalating quickly - from favorite to weirdest posters.
  6. Who is your favorite poster on this board?

    A couple of others: IlliniCalvin OrangeBlazer Fido Tempo - I know you took issue with not being included with the above guys before, but I think you have single-handedly exposed me to about 4x the amount of Jeff Frank posts than I otherwise would have been. Which is an unforgiveable offense in my book. Sorry.
  7. Bruce Weber Post Career Thread?

    Our long national nightmare of Coach Bubbles is finally over. Never will I have to watch that man roam the sidelines again. Thanks for the last 6 terrible seasons, Bruce. Good riddance. Now lets never talk about him ever again.
  8. Iowa (BTT) game thread

    Well, Illinois will not be playing in an NIT game - so fortunately for you, you will not have to choose.
  9. Muck Fichigan game thread

    Breathe it in, fellas. This is the last loss by Bruce Weber that we will ever have to suffer through at Assembly Hall. Good riddance.
  10. Praising larue33

    I have gotten more enjoyment from reading Larue's (and others like Orange Blazer, IlliniCalvin, etc.) posts than I have from watching my own basketball program the past 6 years. But I would go easy on the gay boys talk. I am saving myself for Michael Orris.
  11. Praising larue33

    Always on point and always classy. Keep up the great work, Larue. As a (relatively) young alumnus, you provide a great foil to posters on other sites. Posters who consistently preach about the importance of "doing the right things" when it suits their agenda, but all the while coming across as condescending/pompous jerks (who also lack basic analytical skills). Here is hoping that you do not have to be similarly correct any time in the near future......
  12. If Weber is let go, when does it happen?

    Agreed. Bruce Weber can only win consistently in the Big 10 when he has truly special talent - like one of the best point guards on the planet surrounded by 4 other NBA quality players.
  13. Today was a big travel day for me (left Sydney and landed in New York tonight, in time to sit at a bar and refresh this site and deuceish to figure out what was going on). Right as it was clear by the posts that we were going to lose, this song came on at the bar. http://www.elyrics.net/read/e/electric-light-orchestra-lyrics/don_t-bring-me-down-lyrics.html It had never occurred to me that the main chorus is "Don't Bring Me down, BRRUUUCCEEEE". Forget ELO, the artist of that song will forever be Illinois basketball.
  14. Final 11 B1G Conf games

    10-8 is certainly possible. I'll still stick to 9-9. We'll win a game or two that we are not expected to, just to continue this whole damn Bruce debate for that much longer. My prediction is that we'll win at Wisconsin, just so that JeffFrank and crew can proclaim "Bo Ryan has x losses in that last 10 years at Kohl and Bruce has given him x of them! Fire Bo Ryan!"