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  1. Say it ain't so...

    In the case of the statue, the government was petitioned, and the duly elected officials of the government agreed that it should be removed. So by definition, enough people agreed that it should be removed.
  2. Say it ain't so...

    Removal does not equal destruction. The Nazis are welcome to purchase the statue and a place to put it and can enjoy it forever. Or the family of the artist can display it on their land if they want.
  3. Say it ain't so...

    So obviously enough people agree that the statue that is being removed should not be there. Chris Rock has the right to attempt to get enough people to agree with him to change those celebrations. That is what democracy is. People have the right to believe that the statues should remain. People have the right to be racist and I have the right to oppose those views. Just because the group that wants the statues to remain lost does not mean that democracy has been lost.
  4. Say it ain't so...

    Personally I draw the line at statues that were erected to promote bigotry. I am sure you can agree that the statues are being maintained and kept presentable using tax dollars.
  5. Say it ain't so...

    My issue is not with the existence of the statues. I don't think they should be on public property being supported by our tax dollars. If someone wants to celebrate those racist SOBs then they can put the statue on private property and celebrate to their hearts content. If people want to have MLK statues removed, then they have every right to petition government to have them removed.
  6. Say it ain't so...

    I was sufficiently educated prior to your rant. But let me educate you a little bit. We are talking about statues on public land supported by public dollars. If you have an issue with a gay symbol being supported by public resources, by all means do what you need to do to have it removed. If those supporters wanted to buy the statue, buy a place to put it and worship it to their last days, more power to them. I'm not arguing against anyone's right to their beliefs, just like I'm not arguing against your right to be an ignorant person spouting ignorant beliefs. How about this, blm as well. Does that make it better, do you now understand it's not about saying that any other lives don't matter?
  7. Say it ain't so...

    You mean the Southern heritage of slavery, racism and bigotry. That's what you want remembered with pride and respect? Those statues were erected as a means to intimidate and subjugate minorities in the south. No amount of whitewashing will change the truth.
  8. Thoughts on the up-coming season?

    That's a drill designed to build explosion and I'd say it's an area he could improve on. You can't improve without work. Do you want them to sit on the couch all summer?
  9. Nunn dismissed from team

    I would have thought a year long suspension would have been in order. I wonder what the university punishment will be and if he will seek to transfer or get his degree.
  10. Trenton Frazier

    IMO Point Guard is still a definite need on the team for 2017. You are begging for trouble any season that you don't start with at least 3 players you feel comfortable with on the ball and unless Tracy gets hurt again and asks for a 7th season of eligibility, I don't see 3 on the team. Coleman-Lands is not a point guard and the lack of development in ball handling by anyone on the team in Groce's tenure does not give me much confidence that he will become one over the next year or so. There is a definite need for 2 or more bigs in the class, my confusion is why are we offering so many wings?
  11. Definition of Insanity

    Its funny as a person that grew up in Chicago, spent 8 years in Champaign and then moved to Saint Louis, personally I feel the rest of the state wishes Chicago was not a part of the state. I found more St. Louis fans than fans of either of the Chicago baseball teams in Champaign and can speak to the feeling of getting screwed when many of the schools from the city travel down state for competitions in any of the sports. When a Chicago kid does well elsewhere, you don't find people on this board being proud because he is from the state of Illinois vs a down state kid. Outside of their ability to help the state school win basketball games, it feels like many people would not want city kids anywhere near our precious university.
  12. Recruiting

    Fine enough to play major minutes on a team that made the final four!
  13. Recruiting

    I know we are down on little guards with starks, but Nairn was fine at 5-10 for Michigan state. I was wondering when this offer would come.
  14. Rant Saturday

    There is an Illini day in Saint Louis every year, as well as one in Wrigley and they are normally within weeks of each other. Why is this news to anyone?
  15. Verge to visit

    Didn't he say at one point that Dee Brown was his hero? I always figured he was a strong Illini lean. Backcourt of him and Williams sounds good. Two guards that can both handle as well as shoot the ball.