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  1. I would say that most teams are in trouble if they fall behind. The reason we were in trouble when we fell behind was because our Defense sucked ass. The only reason we are 3-2 right now is because of the Defense and our running game. Didn't OSU have the lead when Illinois beat them? I also thought MU was beating us last year when we cut their asses in Ann Harbor.
  2. Anyone know where to find the game streaming online?

    Good first half! If we can keep running the ball and play keep away, we'll win.
  3. Nice Half!

    If we can keep the ball on the ground and away from Missouri's flag football offense, we'll win.
  4. Great article on Tiger

  5. Worst MLB All Stars ever...

    How old are you guys? Under 16 I hope.
  6. I guess you're right but, the majority of that money comes from football. If basketball was important, I think Kansas would be in the equation somehow. It's lucky for Illinois that we are even in the B10. If we were not, I doubt we would even be invited to join.
  7. I think it will bring more national exposure to the Big 10 as a whole in BB. However, non of this expansion talk has anything to do with BB. This is obviously about Fball and unfortunately, Illinois and Indiana should be probably be shown the door. Maybe the MAC will expand also! Half of our fans would rather play a MAC schedule anyways to get into some crap bowl.
  8. Grade the last 4 years

    You started this at 4 AM and continued to post on your own topic till 2 PM. Put a big "L" on your forehead buddy.
  9. Grade the last 4 years

    Don't you have something better to do? You have some family you could maybe spend some time with or something productive with your miserable self.
  10. Another FB player arrested

    Enlighten me. How exactly do you define an Anglo-American legal system? What does it have to do with playing poker, getting tatoos, smoking pot, and speeding? I guess I don't see the point you were trying to make. Is the crime of robbery only unique to Anglo-American law?
  11. Would a new mascot do anything positive for you?

    I had never heard of this. What was this mascot of which you speak?
  12. Another FB player arrested

    Anglo-American society? WTF! how ignorant is this!
  13. Wow, you take the time to assassinate a former UI player who is trying to turn his life around. You're a grade A winner!
  14. Brilliant article and I agree

    Don't forget the matching white hood to go with it.
  15. Oliver Purnell

    Whats the point of trying to look down on the CPL? What's the agenda here?