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  1. Is Jereme Richmond the 1st McDonald's...

    The attitude issues from a season or two ago bumped him down, and the sites never bumped him back up. Nothing to do with his talent, which is certainly top 5-20(and he has proven this more than a few times)...no worries...
  2. Mixing new recruits next year

    Not sure, but these two talents are the best combo of recruits this school has ever seen, imo. Both should, and will, imo, be All-American candidates, and can easily make a living playing this game if that is the path they want to follow. I enjoyed watching these two freaks over the past two years, and barring some work ethic issues, mental, or off the court problems, I don't see any way both will not be special at the NCAA level as well. Time will tell! But the future is insanely bright...can't wait for the 2010-2013 seasons!
  3. Cirque de Soleil? Sweetness... At least it's something respectable causing the conflict. That crew is amazing to watch...some of the coolest ish I've ever seen.
  4. In, as an 11 seed. The future of this program is still extremely bright...no worries here, even if the team gets pushed to NIT-ville. The pipeline of the players needed to win big at this high D1 level has been opened, and it aint closing anytime soon.
  5. No way Zook gets fired

    Since the big money donors either don't care about football or like Ron Zook, there isn't much the average alum/fan can do but "vote" with our wallets. 'Tis a shame, we all had such high hopes for the man/program two years ago...
  6. MSU Postgame thread

    All aboard the fire Zook express. The man can recruit, but he can't coach his way out of a paper bag. I've supported him after every loss up until today, but this was the the straw that broke Zook's back. If he is the coach at UI next season, the team will be lucky to draw 5,000 fans per game. I feel bad for Juice. The man would have been great in a triple option offense, ala Georgia Tech, but the staff tried to make him something he obviously isn't. He's a damn fine RB playing QB...
  7. 2010-2011 NBA salary cap: real low

    I remember being ridiculed by Bulls fans after stating Deng was abused by Prince in that series...he was never worth the cash he was given...ugh...
  8. Meyers Leonard

    Athletes with his size simply don't come around that often. Time will tell if he can play ball, but I'm happy he is an Illini!
  9. ESPN Bracketology

    Last year's team was, quite simply, a good basketball team. Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but they certainly didn't over-achieve either. Out of the 400 or so teams in college basketball, they were easily in the top 25-50. I expect them to stay in that level, or finish much lower(top10) for the next decade, and that is fine by me. If Chet didn't break his wrist, I'm sure they would have been able to handle W. Kentucky(who was also a top 25-50 team), not that losing to a good team is a horrible thing like many on this site portrayed after the game.
  10. Donte' Stallworth gets 30 days in jail

    Apparently he paid off the family, and as a result the victim's family asked the judge to go easy on Stallworth. Just another example of the rich "buying" a lighter sentence. Similar incident in Oregon last summer, man received 5-10 for vehicular manslaughter and was crucified in the press. I guess he didn't have the funds to pay off the victim's family, nor was he drunk at the time like Stallworth. The victim also came from a very wealthy family, so maybe they "bought" a harsher sentence... On the other hand, jail-time for Stallworth isn't going to make the victim come back to life. Just a tragedy all around...
  11. Frank Williams arrested on drug charges

    While it's not a guarentee that he was dealing, a scale certainly looks bad, but oh well. Pot laws are a joke, always will be...it sucks for Frank, but I think I can assume that most rational folks who have indulged in a little THC think arrests like these are an absolute joke, and a waste of time for all involved. But anything that pads the bank accounts of the state...
  12. 2010 Mock Draft (already) - Rejus #11

    Agree on Taylor Mays(S-USC)...he is the next freak athlete(he looks like he is around 6'5''... 230lbs, runs a 4.3-4.4, tackling machine) at the S position, and will be one of the best the NFL has ever seen...assuming he taps his potential. Just an amazing athlete, and a damn good football player as well. He will go top 5, and probably should go #1 if GM's didn't convince themselves to draft an iffy QB year after year. I think Stafon Johnson(RB-USC) also opens some eyes and sneaks into the 1st round after a big year. It's hard to stand out at USC, what a factory...
  13. Phil Steele has Illinois No. 19 in his preseason rankings

    Remember Michael Bishop from those great KSU teams in the late 1990's? That is who Juice reminds me of, although Bishop was a legit Heisman candidate in both of his years as a starter at KSU and had an amazing defense going for him. If Juice can progress like Bishop did from his JR year to his SR year, most Illini fans will remember Juice very fondly. It 'aint likely, as those KSU spread offenses were the simply ahead of the curve by a good margin, but a man can hope.
  14. Based on these quotes from Beal...

    ^^^^^ Agreed...there is no shame in losing a recruit to KU or Florida. The deck is stacked for the next few years anyway, it's all gravy.
  15. Would you want your team to give Vick a shot?

    Unless my team has a promising QB on a rookie contract(Cutler) and/or a bonafide top 10 QB(also think Cutler falls into this group), sure, I'd give Vick a shot. He never had much talent at the WR position(heck, he was pretty much the only player worth a damn on that offense outside of Crumpler), and he certainly oozed with talent. If the Wildcat/Spread offense continues to work against NFL defenses, there is certainly a place for an athlete like Vick on a very good team. If Vick is signed by a bonafide team with an offensive coordinator who is ahead of the curve, I expect him to terrorize defenses once again, even if he only takes 15 snaps per game at the QB position. If the Raiders/Browns/etc make a desperation play for Vick, and expect him to be the franchise QB once again, it 'aint gonna work-out.