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  1. Finke Highlights

    Pretty sure he could have beat that team by himself.
  2. Some rule changes for the upcoming season

    The charge calls were getting out of control. Hopefully this leads to only "real" charges getting called and makes it safer for the offensive player. I wouldn't want to see play stopped anymore than it is already. I am ok with the last two minutes so human error doesn't play much role in determining outcomes (Illini rule?).
  3. Lebron Skills Camp measurements.....

    +1 At least Cliff doesn't have Syracuse on his final list :)
  4. On a team full of All-Americans in 2005, Augie was the Big Ten Tournament MVP. He was more than just a 4 year stat stuffer. I believe he should already have his name on a banner in the rafters.
  5. Is Tyler Griffey gone after this year?

    Why is Bertrand more likely? He is going to be a redshirt sophomore with a huge opportunity for playing time right away if he can work on becoming a point guard and getting minutes that way. From my understanding, he primarily played point in high school. I don't see TG leaving either. He loves this school too much, and honestly, he has the chance to get a lot of playing time next year if he works hard in the off season. I could see him having a role like Bill Cole.
  6. Bertrand tears calf muscle

    I don't think he was plagued with injury problems in high school from what I recall (he went to my alma mater). With that said, I've still never seen him play since I live in California now. I can't wait to see him play.
  7. Sympathy for Weber

    Judging by the discussion on here, you'd think we were the worst team in the history of the Earth. May I remind you that just last season, we were the #2 seed for the Big Ten Tournament. And we beat Michigan to advance to the semis where we lost to Purdue sans Frazier (and now we know just how important he really was to that team). I don't consider that to be mediocrity--especially now that the Big Ten is pretty competitive top to bottom these days. The coaching talent is pretty darn good. Yes, this team is frustrating and certainly a lot of blame falls on Weber. It really bothers me how we stall at the end of games and let teams back into it. But it's way too early to throw into the towel. We came back from 21-down to a really good team today. And 23-down at Clemson. Probably very few teams (if any) have ever done that in the history of college basketball. This team has potential to be really good. Or really bad. The important thing, we're 1-0 in the Big Ten. Let's keep it rolling!
  8. Post game

    Unreal considering it was a 2 point win. Thanks!
  9. Post game

    A great win by the Illini, no doubt. I distinctly remember at the start of the second half that Clemson was seemingly very nonchalant and blowing us off. I think the Illini took it to heart and started playing really hard. It seemed we were playing scared and frantic the entire first half and composed the second half. Very strange. I also think that it was great to see us close out the game. So many times you see a team make the huge comeback but still lose the game. Tisdale was unreal at the end--on both ends of the floor. Also what was the +/- for McCamey tonight? Like + 25 or more??
  10. Best single season Illini caoching jobs?

    That team was so fun to watch. They were very competitive in some of those games they lost. Bradford just willed them to victory sometimes. I've always wondered what would have happened if Kruger had stayed put. Bradford's production fell off tremendously (which coincided with Frank Williams production increase). I am probably about the only person in Illini Nation that thinks Kruger and Weber are better coaches than Self. Maybe it's just because I was there while he was there. Self's system seems to favor a versatile, penetrating, scoring point guard and a similar-type big man. Anyhow... enough rambling.
  11. Retired Jerseys

    Garris was another great one. If I recall correctly, his teams were pretty average though which certainly hurts his stature. He should probably be in as well. On that note, Augustine has also played in the most team wins in school history, tied with Dee Brown.
  12. Retired Jerseys

    I signed up for an account just to reply to this message. I agree with you completely about Augustine. While Augustine might not have been the scoring machine that others in the rafters were, he was certainly a rebounding machine. He was just a solid player that also went on to play in the NBA. The year we went to the title game, I believe he was the MVP of the Big Ten Tourney. He may not have been flashy, but he had almost as much to do with our title run in 05' and the other successful teams he was a part of. And one more thing, how is Augustine not in while Luther Head is--Augustine has more career points than Luther?? He's #17 in career scoring, while Luther is #20.