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  1. Wow, that much drama? Crazy Stuff.

    What in the world is that site? Love the baseless guessing at the end with Richmond and Keller.
  2. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    Agreed. Who cares what Weber said.
  3. Bill Self does disco ...

    I've watched it a few times and I still don't see the humor. Pretty dorky to me.
  4. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    You dare make a deplorable analogy between the Holocaust and a freakin sports message board and then have the audacity, or stupidity, to proclaim that you don't see it as childish? HEAVEN forbid you get permanently banned from a message board. Geesh. Get a freakin life man.
  5. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    And, it's the same handful of posters with their incessantly whining about anything that Weber says who raise their eyebrows. It doesn't mean the quotes are inappropriate and it doesn't mean he does it more than any other coach.
  6. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    I completely agree. Just making sure I wasn't reading something else.
  7. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    Let it out, larue. That's it.
  8. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    My point is that nothing in nichi's post resembles your childish tantrum where you showed your true colors. Seems like he just disagrees with larue and finds the constant whining by the same anti-Weber babies a bit pointless.
  9. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    *cough* "Phil, I've been banned on one board--your panty-waist board. That's it. And while we're at it, let's go over how I was banned. Someone made a post saying our program was run by an honorable man. I then replied in a post: "Honorable man? Who? Where?" That was all I posted. Yet, I got a 3 day ban for that, and then within 24 hours, than ban was moved to a 7 day ban, and then a permanent ban--all without me making any additional posts or PMing anyone. That was my last post on the weberboard. So basically, you and your thin-skinned, weak-kneed pussy moderators at the weberboard got all hot and bothered like some 13 year-old girls over some salacious rumor and went nuts. You're a bunch of stupid Nazis over there. Freaking people like you are behind the worst atrocities in history, all in the name of regulating people to some norm. Frigging pansies. Phil, you think you're smart but I guarantee you I would blow you out of the water on any test measuring intelligence. I'll do it drunk. Hell, I aced the LSATs on a bet, after getting drunk until 5:00 a.m. the night before. 98th percentile. Having a half-wit like you and your cronettes tell me anything is a laugh. You guys have strangled any kind of decent dialogue on that board. You should be ashamed." Ah, memories.
  10. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    Is this a prediction, hope or neither?
  11. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    Do you have any reason to believe that it bothered Chester at all? I can see how the word choice wasn't the best but this is picking nits, IMO. I generally agree with you about the behind closed doors stuff but my overall point was that he said there were "innumerable" examples and considering the hundreds and hundreds of times Weber has spoken in public, to the press, on the radio, etc. since he's been at Illinois, one or two quotes that raise your eyebrows is par for the course. Pointing out one or two examples doesn't a generalization make and falls far short of "innumerable" threads. I asked for 10 examples. Then, lowered it to 5 and you've provided 2 that could be seen as insensitive and regretful to Weber. What coach doesn't though?
  12. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    And, I honestly don't see what's wrong with that comment. Weber said Frazier has a huge heart but that he has to play smarter. Is your problem with the wording or even stating the idea?
  13. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    This is breaking news. Weber must've been the only one to not have confidence in Chester's jump shot. Where do you get this nonsense?
  14. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    Please tell me you're joking. That is a swipe at the kid? :violin :violin :violin :violin
  15. Last call on the 2010-2011 bandwagon

    Well, tough guy, larue is the one that made the claim. So, I'm asking him to support that claim. What quote are you talking about? Or are you just frothing at the mouth as usual?