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  1. :creeper :creeper :creeper
  2. Dayton postgame

    7) The next intelligent game we play this season will be the first. Oh, too late. We essentially failed to impose our will/pace of play on any team we faced this year. That is because our best player/point guard is willing to play any style, and our freshmen have the basketball IQ of pet rocks. 8) We should work on the inbounds play, maybe once or twice, in practice. 9) Learn to shoot free throws. And after that, practice them regularly. We don't get to the line enought to be able to afford misses. 10) Perhaps design a play or two that doesn't wind up with us taking a contested three point shot late in the shot clock.
  3. Dear Brandon Paul,

    And while you are there, as the great and almighty OZ for some free throw shooting lessons.
  4. Dayton Game

    Either get hot or go home at this point.
  5. Dayton Game

    Nothing like getting our asses handed to us by Dayton at Assembly Hall to end our NIT run. Christ, is that depressing. Dayton. Assembly Hall. NIT.
  6. Dayton Game

    We have horses not named McCamey?
  7. Dayton Game

    We are on fire from 3 point land. We should take more.
  8. Dayton Game

    Remember when our players used to be the athletic ones? Remember when we used to play smarter than the other team? Seems like eons ago.
  9. Dayton Game

    Illini: 2 for 11 in 3s Pretty sure we don't need to jack anymore up to prove that we suck at shooting them.
  10. any scouting news on Kent St

    IIRC, their guard (Singletary) out of Chicago played with something to prove in South Padre, and we had Chester on him back then. However, he had an injury earlier this year, and I'm not sure how it has affected his game. Was that the game that Tisdale really stepped it up?
  11. Unprecedented?

    Well, I am getting older, so it may have happened as far back as last year and I still probably wouldn't remember. Too many brain cells killed one 12 ounce curl at a time.
  12. Unprecedented?

    No worries; it's just that I've watched the tournament regularly since the early 80s, and can't recall 5 double digit seeds winning on one day.
  13. Unprecedented?

    We already have a 14 beating a 3 13 beating a 4 11 beating a 6 (2x) 10 beating a 7 In addition, a 9 beat an 8, but that happens more than not. And there a still some games ongoing that are closer than the low seeds should be comfortable with -- I'm talking about you, Alford and Satan.
  14. Coaching Carousel Predictions

    What about the ex-Nevada Coach who is now at GA - Fox? Didn't he start out at Washington?
  15. Big East Shining This Year

    Yeah, I feel sorry for those saps who had 2 Big East teams in their Final Four. :cuss :wall :wall :wall