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  1. 2010-2011 Schedule

    My guess would be we play Va Tech, if you go by standings, etc. Since both them & us barely missed the tournament, it would make for a good matchup. Ga Tech would also be a good matchup too. Part of what killed our RPI was the Las Vegas tournament, since we had to play 2 horrid teams at home before going out there, and no one of significance played in Vegas either. Playing in Coaches vs Cancer will definitely increase our RPI substantially, since all of those teams figure to be top 50 rpi teams at the very least. I also expect Mizzou's RPI to be a little better too, since the Big 12 North was so young (minus Kansas of course). I'd like to see us play a Pac-10 school in Chicago, this would give the program some exposure on the west coast for any possible (I know it's a stretch, but with Jerrance you never know) recruiting targets. Given that we in all likelihood should be entering a period of more successful illini basketball, I would like to see Bruce assert himself more in scheduling like he did in 05 & 06 and schedule schools with various kinds of defense & offense to prepare them for Big Ten & tournament play...
  2. If we don't get in....

    The only real bright spots from an NIT run would be more playing time & experience for the freshmen & Cole
  3. Well.......

    He is a whiny little bitch who is gonna get his lunch served to him in the NBA. He won't get the "star" treatment as a rookie

    These are the reasons that refs' evaluations need to be made public, and this constant protection of officials as if they can do no wrong needs to stop. I don't think we won a single game Sanzere officiated, and he constantly makes calls from the other side fo the court or from 30-40 feet away (i.e. intentional foul today), yet he seems to be in more and more important games, despite having a horrible reputation among coaches.

    I'll bitch all I want, come #$%&@!ing tell me to my face you little prick. Fact of the matter is that if it's a touch foul on 1 end, it has to be a touch foul on the other. OSU hand checks & grabs more than any team we play (except maybe Chris Kramer), if you call us for it, you have to call them for it. We can't drive on them as effectively because they are allowed to push & bump us when we do try to go to the hole. Watch the effing game! The same #$%&@! Illinois gets called for is accepted when OSU is on defense. I don't think the refs decided the game, but they did heavily tilit it in OSU's favor at the end of regulation & both OTs... Again, make me stop bitching
  6. Well.......

    They do, but with guys like HIghtower & Sanzere, it's their way or else. They want the spotlight, and they think they are infallible. Refs like Ed, Sanzere, jim Burr, Zelton Steed kill the college game with their theatrical bull#$%&@! and arrogant behavior. It's a shame there aren't more like Steve Wellmer
  7. Player of the Game

    we certainly attacked the basket today! how many times did OSU get tough fouls on us when they were 10+ feet from the basket....you argument holds wait in previous games, not today
  8. Well.......

    watch it again, we did! he just didn't get the calls or we didn't make our shots
  9. Well.......

    the refs more than favored OSU, and they were not gonna help us a bit. However, at the end fo regualtion & 1st OT, why do the guys just stand there? No one ever sets a screen for DMAC or DJ

    We did take it at him, no calls. Why not point out all the touch fouls Turner got that gave them 14 more free throws? Oh I know, because it doesn't fit your anti-Weber bias....you sir are an idiot
  11. Player of the Game

    Ed hightower & Mike Sanzere Fouls Illini 21 OSU 13 FTs Illini 10 OSU 24 effing pathetic...if I ever meet Mike Sanzere I WILL break his nose
  12. http://score.leoweekly.com/2010/03/08/wall...the-microscope/ How long until there is solid evidence against this guy.... If this is true and does come out, what, if any, discipline do you all think UK might actually receive?
  13. Kansas asst. Townsend gets porn star...

    Jealous? We have Hugh Hefner! That trumps all pornstars....he creates pornstars
  14. OSU Postgame

    And if he picked up a 3rd foul you both would criticize Weber for keeping him in...Maybe Cole should play like a team captain, and not hang players (Jordan, DJ) out to dry in the backcourt because he won't move to the ball or dribble it more than once before picking it up 70 feet from the hoop
  15. I hate this basketball team.

    I've always said I would gladly meet anyone in person to discuss their arguments, I've even given out my season ticket section & seat.... I guarantee that 80% of these whiny little pansies would slobber all over the players & coaches if they met them in person...it's so easy to act tough and say anything on here, but without accountability & rationality most of you sound like idiots...