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  1. Happy New Year to our Jewish Cesspoolers

    l'shanah tovah is the proper greeting. Happy New Year!
  2. Say it ain't so...

    Do you understand what antifa is? It's not one group. It's many different groups formed to oppose fascism. The alt-right were under the same banner as neo-nazis. It doesn't matter if they weren't physcially next to them. They were on the side of the Nazis. No statue is worth that. And HOLY F-U-C-K. You cannot be serious lumping in North Korea and China . You are absurdly dumb. You are dangerous.
  3. Say it ain't so...

    New rule. Conspiracy theories need citing of some sources. You can't just say Soros is orchestrating people to riot. You actually have to do more research than reading "insert your favorite alt-right blogger". Good god. You are what's wrong with America
  4. Say it ain't so...

    If you march alongside Nazis, you're not "good people". Sorry. A cause like protecting racist statues isnt great enough to have me march with someone who is proud of the murder of 6 million Jews. #$%&@! them.
  5. Say it ain't so...

    She wasn't Antifa. She was a counter-protester. And you're blaming her for walking in the street? Is the punishment for that crime death by vehicular manslaughter? But clearly you couldn't produce jack #$%&@! worth of evidence that this driver was even remotely provoked into "self defense". And don't kid yourself. Trump said "both sides", because he had Bannon and people like you in his ear drumming up conspiracy theories that the radical left is this organized terrorist group out to conspire against the honorable alt-right. The fact is, this was a protest by NEO FREAKING NAZIS, KKK, and other malcontents to keep up a statue of a confederate general that lost a war fought largely over slavery. It was obvious to everyone but the orange boss man who deserved to be called out.
  6. Say it ain't so...

    Please support with video, primary sources, or stfu right now. That guy drove 2 blocks unimpeded and ran into a crowd of people. He's a #$%&@!i ng terrorist.
  7. Say it ain't so...

    I'm socially VERY liberal and I believe in the basic tenets of political correctness. I do think, however, that we can go overboard with it. I loved the chief (retired while I was in college), but I completely understood why he needed to go. The war chant though? There aren't any words to the song and it features a hand-clapping motion not resembling native american imagery. Was the song invented to sound as if it had a NA background? Probably, but JFC, why re we getting rid of this now? It makes no sense.
  8. If Duke doesn't win the NC

    They are really, really, really young. Not going on the DR trip hurts a little.
  9. Game of Thrones: Final Season

    Awesome episode last night. Arya is great as always. It's about time Dany used her dragons, but it did come at a cost. Also, this isn't the last season, just FYI.
  10. Eff Bobby Knight

    Probably a slippery slope to assume someone who has been accused of wrong doing is guilty despite charges being dropped. Equally as idiotic would be convincing yourself that Bobby Knight is a saint, and that these women are fabricating these stories for fun. Let me just say I'm glad your average mob mentality person aren't the ones in charge.
  11. JCL

    I've seen enough child abuse at my job to know they almost never get punished. It's insanely hard. That it got to court and that he pled guilty should raise all the flags that you need. I can even understand arguing from a rehabilitation standpoint that maybe this guy has changed and has earned a 2nd chance (I would disagree). But to argue that this probably didn't happen the way court documents say it did and what the guy plead guilty to is on another level Mammy. Just admit that you did no research on the guy before jumping to his defense to troll some posters you don't like on this board. That would be oh so much better than what you're doing now.
  12. Tilmon Arrested

    I knew dozens of underage kids who drove while clinically sober but had alcohol on board. It's dumb, but it doesn't make them evil. I hope this is What it sounds like, and not the start of a slippery slope.
  13. Illini Inn

    Loved the Illini Inn. I went there to drink prior to going out in more central campus, after drinking, or just as the only place we went out for the night. I recall it being one of the only places on campus on a Friday/Saturday night where you could actually hear someone talk. I'll miss it if it's truly gone.
  14. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    My point is that most first world countries have too much to lose to risk ww3 over something like Syria/North Korea. Proxy war is the name of the game. And it's not really "Islam" that's the problem. It's fundamentalism.
  15. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    My point is that most first world countries have too much to lose to risk ww3 over something like Syria/North Korea. Proxy war is the name of the game. And it's not really "Islam" that's the problem. It's fundamentalism.