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  1. Let The Bruce Weber Bashing Begin...

    Completely agree. I'm pretty uninformed on next year's guys, but I know none of them would be considered a "true point". I think there are some serious question marks there next year, as McCamey's pension for careless turnovers is pretty unsettling
  2. Let The Bruce Weber Bashing Begin...

    The FEW times we did go inside a little body bump was all that was needed to fluster Tisdale and Davis. These guys did a great job with the stuff they do well all year (i.e. mid-range Jumpers, etc.), but they have got to get bigger and tougher if we are going to succeed, especially Tisdale.
  3. Let The Bruce Weber Bashing Begin...

    Observations. We are going to miss Trent, Chester and Calvin a lot more than I ever expected. These 3 have the strongest desire to win. Maybe that is not unusual for seniors, but next year's roster has some serious question marks as far as leadership is concerned. We still can't defend a ball screen effectively. Matta used to burn us with it. At least we've abandoned the trap attempt. UGH. I can't wait until we get a guard that catches the ball on the wing ready to do something. Most of our players immediately assume a defensive position with the ball (i.e. turn their back to the basket and their defender so as not to have it stolen). Some defensive adjustments in this game would have been nice had they come a little earlier. I'm tired of hearing how great it is to have a team that averages so many assists per FG. The ugly flip-side of this statistic is that no one on our team can create his own shot. Dee Brown was the last player at Illinois who had this ability. WKU played a good game tonight. They hit their 3's, played tough D, crashed the boards, and played with confidence. I hope they beat the Zags on Saturday.
  4. WKU Postgame

    I don't know. If anything, this game leads me to believe we'll miss Chester, Trent and Calvin a whole lot. These 3 clearly have the strongest desire to win. Maybe that's not out of the ordinary for seniors, but it sure doesn't seem to be a good sign. Maybe I'm underestimating our incoming freshmen, but it seems we have a lot to shore up on the perimeter, especially at the point.
  5. Bracketology

    Prepare to be the 6 to Kansas' 3. If we are a 6 seed, which I think is pretty accurate, I have very little doubt we'll be matched up against Kansas.
  6. Unfortunately, the committee is watching this game as closely or closer than they've watched any game this year. We have to show we can score in the second half, or I don't think it's a stretch that we will be playing in as a 7 or 8 seed. Just a bad way to end the season
  7. I have no idea either.
  8. This is very bad. Can't rebound and losing the shooters on offense. A few WTF calls and non-calls aren't helping.
  9. Purdue is in for a rude awakening in the NCAA tournament when they can't "body-up" every opposing player who touches the ball.
  10. Postgame

    The prevent offense at its worst. We have lost more games like this in the last 3 years than any fanbase deserves. Look at the common denominator. Just ridiculous. You can't win by dribbling out the clock the last 5 minutes of the game. How haven't we learned that yet?
  11. Sparty Postgame

    Agreed on both. Jeffrey seems to really be coming on strong as of late.
  12. Sparty Postgame

    Missed a couple of big 3's that would have given us the lead unfortunately, but he was matched up on Raymar Morgan for some time and did pretty well considering the size difference. 4 assists doesn't hurt either
  13. Sparty Postgame

    The downside of our high assist-to-FG made statistic, and I think Raftery touched on it a few games ago, is that it also signifies a lack of a player who can create his own shot. Same old story today. No one on our team can do it without the benefit of the motion working. When defenses ratchet up their effort in the last few minutes we end up holding it for 30+ seconds and throwing up a desperate shot. Those 3 possessions killed us today. Just a shame. We played pretty good ball, MSU played great.
  14. In all honesty, we could probably close the thread here because you're right. Most, if not all, of what I listed equates to having better basketball players, but it still makes for good discussion. I haven't even opened the BAM Marker Face thread, but I can imagine where it went