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  1. Anthony Davis had a monster game today......

    I always thought camby was the best Davis comparison
  2. Coaching Candidate Breakdown

    Are there any NBA coaches/former NBA coaches we might consider?
  3. Tracey Abrams

    Abrams has been playing fine, if not particularly effectively. Perhaps he hasn't done much, but he rebounds and defends well and doesn't turn the ball over much. Since Maryland, 11 assists and 5 turnovers in 88 minutes of playing time. We haven't asked him to do a whole lot offensively, but I think it's very good for his development that he's getting all this playing time early in his career and is getting comfortable being out there, so when he's asked to take on more of a leadership role, he won't be deer in headlights timid or surprised. Abrams is going to be a major contributor to our team for the next four years. Best to get him involved and adjusted to the college game now. Now there are some major headscratchers about Weber's choices in PT, but generally speaking, he's erred on the side of NOT playing freshmen and having people complain about it, so I think the fact that he's putting Abrams out there (in addition to Egwu and sometimes Shaw, although Henry has surprisingly been AWOL) is a step in the right direction. Hopefully by tournament time, Abrams will be ready to make big contributions, not just stand out there and be fine.
  4. ML ESPN Draft Tracker

    ugh, that's the worst of all possible outcomes. meyers is just still developing this year, our team is okay but nothing special, and he goes pro anyway.
  5. St. Bonnie Post-Game

    Here's my guess as to weber and what he says about penetration. He really does tell them to drive, but it's just lip service. I would love to see our offensive drills in practice. My guess- running a motion with lots of passing, either getting it to Leonard down low or to one of about 5 guys for an open 3/deep jumper. I would guess weber spends very little time in practice teaching dribble penetration. In weber's defense, I just rewatched hs video of Brandon Paul and he basically did what he did his entire first two college seasons- 3 pointers, skying for rebounds, playing good d. Very little in the way of good passes to cutters or dribble penetration. That said, if weber truly is serious about dribble penetration (as he most certainly needs to be) and it's not just lip service, he needs to spend practice time teaching it. Webers offense encourages perimeter passing and open jumpers. It's no coincidence all our teams for the past few years have been plagued by the same problem despite changing personnel. And also no coincidence that the one guy who comes in from out of our system is a far more capable and confident penetrator than anyone else on our team, even if he doesn't have nearly the physical tools of other players. Weber needs to devote tons of practice hours to ball handling, dribble drive, and finishing in the lane drills ( and dribble penetrate and dump off to the open guy). Reward those guys who do it practice. The motion as it is needs modification - or at least a supplemental alternative of a dribble drive offense to change the pace when it stagnates
  6. More on DM

    For those who are interested, McCamey measured at 6.1% body fat at the draft combine this week according to espn insider (http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/draft2011/insider/news/story?id=6569647). 6.1% is pretty good, basically they range from 4% (Brandon Knight, Justin Harper, Charles Jenkins) to about 10% (Kyle Singler, Derrick Williams, Kyrie Irving). mccamey's stats: Name Height without shoes Height with shoes Weight Wingspan Standing reach Body fact (pct) Hand length Hand width McCamey, Demetri 6'1.75'' 6'3.25'' 204.0 6'6.25'' 8'3.5'' 6.1 8.5 9.0 and Richmond: Richmond, Jereme 6'6'' 6'7.25'' 207.2 6'10.25'' 8'10.5'' 5.5 8.8 9.5 no real surprises for these two except mccamey's body fat. in other news, kawhi leonard's wingspan (7'3) and hands (9.8 length, 11.3 width) are massive.
  7. Johnny Bach on Egwu

    A friend just forwarded me this: http://prosportsdaily.com/forums/showthread.php?t=614545 It's a story about a dinner with former Bulls coach Johnny Bach. It includes Bach's take on a number of things, mainly NBA related. But there were a couple of choice bits about Illini matters, including Egwu whom he apparently coached as a volunteer at St. Ignatius. Thoughts? Mine are: if that's his logic, we have nothing to worry about. Clearly Bach knows very little about Illini basketball if he thinks we're so stacked up front that Egwu won't play. We're not. Egwu is our second or third best big - right away, even before he sets foot on campus. We're going to need him, and I can't see him not playing. Maybe not first half of freshman year because of Weber's tendencies to sit freshmen and go with a short bench, but certainly by sophomore year he'll be logging major minutes. If on the other hand this person did not accurately communicate Bach's thoughts on Egwu (which is possible, given that this was basically dictation by memory after the fact of a three hour long dinner conversation in which Egwu was just a minor topic)- and Bach thinks NW is a better fit for Egwu because Illinois won't know how to use him/won't develop him properly with Jay Price as big man coach, or something else, that would be concerning to me. Egwu is a major recruit, top 100 nationally. It's strange that he would think Egwu should have gone to NW, which is less of a bball powerhouse than UI. It certainly ain't because Egwu doesn't have enough upside to play at a place like Illinois. And his rationale seems totally bogus. Which leaves me only two options: 1) Johnny Bach doesn't know anything about Illini basketball and is to be ignored; or 2) Johnny Bach had another reason that Egwu was a better fit at NW than Illinois that this person failed to transcribe. If #1, who cares. If #2, that concerns me.
  8. Somebody has to be gone correct?

    his family is wealthy so i would guess that money is not the issue for him, the scholarship just tells him that the program is seriously interested in him and he is likely to get playing time. if we guarantee him a scholarship after one year and he otherwise prefers coming to us over michigan, i don't see why he wouldn't come to us, since he knows that freshman year he's not likely to get all that much playing time in any case, michigan or illinois, scholarship or not.
  9. Now that we're out, who are you rooting for?

    Big ten teams (OSU, Wisconsin) then underdogs (Butler, VCU/FSU, Richmond, Marquette), then teams with exciting players (Kemba, Jimmer). Would be very happy to see all big ten final OSU v. Wisconsin or a matchup of Jimmer v Kemba in the final.
  10. DJ not playing tonight??

    yikes, what a comparison. i'm actually fine with this news - if it's true. because it means that dj's problem is diagnosable and if we can get him off drugs, he'll presumably be playing well again. if not, we're left with yet another promising headcase who slumps for long periods without explanation.
  11. UNLV 56, UI 54 Tisdale - 9 points 16 turnovers, leading to 25 crucial UNLV points. We are ice cold and can't get any offensive rhythm. They're not much better and we play good enough d, but frustratingly can't get anything going on offense all game.
  12. UNLV's defense

    yes, good defenders glued to mccamey have been able to shut him down this year, and when they shut him down, we've been in trouble (barlow, craft). i would really like to see us use high low passing effectively to get the ball down low, then use interior backdoor passing to get buckets as we did in the @purdue game. since we don't really have effective penetrators, i think this will be key to getting good offensive flow. if they start collapsing/trapping down low, that will be fine, the key will be quick, solid passes/swinging the ball to people who are open. what kills me is that brandon paul (and others to a lesser extent) frequently make lazy ill advised passes right to the defense - if this happens we are dead.
  13. UNLV favored by -2.5

    i guess gamblers have seen us play this year? seriously, on a home court, i have no doubt that we win. just our neutral/away record has been so bad (2-9 since mid December including losses to UIC and Indiana) that I have no confidence in our ability to close out close games. as davis, mccamey, tisdale and others keep saying, it's do or die time and time for us finally to show up for a full 40 minutes. amen, but i'll believe it when i see it. i would kill to see us win by 10+ and keep the pressure on in the final minutes. we have so much talent.... what a waste.
  14. UNLV favored by -2.5

    unfortunately this team has made me an unbeliever - i'm with cpsteine. they will outquick, outhustle, and outtough us. as one of their guys said in the hine article today, they're planning on trapping and being super aggressive on defense. i don't see us getting effective ball movement or getting into the lane, maybe with the exception of a few short bright spots over the course of the game. i think we'll keep it close and may even be winning toward the end of the game, but when crunchtime comes around, we all know what happens. i don't think we'll have a ton of trouble with them on defense - they're not the kind of team that will get tons of boards on us and abuse us inside. but on offense i can see us being totally stymied. the way i see it, our hopes for a win come down to two different possibilities: 1- we do exactly as we've been doing all season, live and die by the three - and we manage to come through with a great shooting game. if we get good 3 point shooting (let's say something like 10 for 18 on 3s), this could do it for us. or 2 - we could totally change our personality. this means a) working the ball inside and using ball movement to create open looks close to the basket, a la first ten minutes @ purdue. and probably also: B) not collapsing in the final minutes. a and b are related - if we manage to create an inside presence and establish interior toughness over the course of the entire game, we might be confident enough to continue working it inside in the final minutes for good looks. the other thing is free throws - if we actually take it to them inside and get good looks, we will get fouled. it would be nice for once to be the team going to the line and not the team that is doing the fouling.
  15. UNLV's defense

    Hine's article today UNLV plans on playing stifling defense using their quickness to trap our post players. I'm a bit nervous - for all of Tisdale's comments about being a "man," I'm hoping he can use his length to go over the top of the defense and pass out of the trap to the open man - hopefully a cutter toward the basket and not DJ for the 3.