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  1. Loyalty MB still hoping against hope

    I opened this thread since I noticed a bump in postings and thought there might be some news on Tilmon. I should have known better.
  2. Carlton Bragg

    Hey I remember Tortino's pizzas! I used to eat them as a kid, they were pretty good. Do they still make them?
  3. Mo Watson BU PG contacted by Groce

    Here's an older article from January about him: Boston University's Mo Watson Jr. is the Best Point Guard You're Not Watching
  4. Jim Weber is a graduate of Michigan and lives in NYC, but still interesting insight about how outsiders perceive the Illinois program. Illinois Needs to Wake Up for Shaka Smart
  5. Big Ten Geeks previews Illinois

    What does POT in the article refer to?
  6. China touring schedule?

    I live in Shanghai and would like the chance to see Keller and Legion if their May 21st-June 4th tour comes anywhere near here. Last year it was really hard to get a hold of the schedule, then the Sichuan quake ended their tour prematurely. Anyone have access to this? I read they get tons of local turnout wherever they go, so the locals at the tour stops know in advance, but getting the schedule in English in Shanghai is a bit difficult. Would be cool to wear orange and represent in some obscure town off the beaten path in China.
  7. No luck for Jamar Smith... Southern Indiana admits violations
  8. Illinois (5) Best Case: Refusing to be kept out of his final NCAA tournament, guard Chester Frazier ignores his broken right hand and plays anyway, teaching himself to shoot left-handed. Frazier declares Chuck Norris a wuss, then leads the Illini past Western Kentucky and Gonzaga into the 16. Bruce Weber is once again hailed as a great coach instead of the lunkhead who whiffed on Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose. Meanwhile, Bruce Pearl and Tennessee lose by 36 to Oklahoma State. Worst Case: In a stunning development that Illinois just might have known all along, Frazier's season is done. He cannot play against Western Kentucky, which takes advantage of the defensive stopper's absence to shoot the Illini out of the tournament. Weber is hammered anew for not bringing in enough good players. Dreams and nightmares for 64 teams
  9. Nobody knows you're a dog on the Internet.
  10. Jerome Randle

    Just out of curiosity, did we recruit Jerome Randle out of Chicago Hales Franciscan? I noticed he is now doing very well for Cal, averaging almost 20 PPG and 5 APG as a junior.