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  1. McDonalds All-American Game Thread

    jareem looked pretty good.
  2. http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/tauntaun.html?cpg=93H courtesy of cib on the ish.
  3. so i dropped in on the ish

  4. Bobo Drummond

    leader in the clubhouse for nicknames: bobo moxie
  5. Bobo Drummond

    he needs a nickname
  6. yay for the newest illini fan http://members.boardhost.com/onedeuce/msg/1235102839.html
  7. prepare yourself for "illinoisssss"
  8. Illini @ NU

    illinois did play good enough to win at michigan...for 35 minutes. couple of defensive lapses, and michigan playing slightly above their average led to that loss. somewhat similar to the msu loss. minny and to a lesser extent wisconsin are the only two where they didn't compete to the level needed.
  9. favorite donut

    downfall? you've had too many of those lately, rock.*
  10. favorite donut

    that's a shame. i looked into a krispy kreme franchise about a decade ago. previous franchise success and $1M liquid made it a non-starter for me. probably a good thing, given the state of that company now.
  11. favorite donut

    this is what i like to call an opportunity. get a franchise and have terp run it for you. or dansaint.
  12. favorite donut

    well la-dt-da. aren't we fancy?