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  1. Dangerous Website

    That's what he said?
  2. cubs 2017

    Schwarber committed 2 errors on one play, dude is graceful :lol:
  3. Iowa game

    I still chalk it up to learning experience. I think we are fairly well coached, but our coach is relatively new to this working with 18-year-olds stuff and we play more freshman than anyone in the country, so everyone is learning still.
  4. Iowa game

    Harbaugh's on the hot seat now :lol:
  5. Iowa game

    McDoom :lol:
  6. Iowa game

    65-65 in OT number 7 on ESPNU. It's now a novelty.
  7. Iowa game

    This Western Michigan/Buffalo game will still be going on tomorrow.
  8. Iowa game

  9. Iowa game

    I wonder how different this game would have been if Iowa hadn't had success on that fake punt
  10. Iowa game

    Still getting a little lost in the middle of the secondary.
  11. Iowa game

    Yeah I'm still seeing progress with this staff and this team.
  12. Iowa game

    Game over :(
  13. Iowa game

    He has resting bitch face?
  14. Iowa game

    Careful, that's a Beckman rationale there :lol:
  15. Iowa game

    He's a gunslinger