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  1. Illinois Indiana

    this is an embarrassment in effort. absolutely pathetic. on every level.
  2. Hot shooting, in perspective

    Another reason to appreciate the early Big Ten victories -- they've been done in record fashion, according to stats genius John Gasaway: http://www.basketballprospectus.com/unfiltered/?p=613
  3. After beating NC

    Oakland is not terrible either, but if we get their big guy in foul trouble we should have no issues. Can the Mikes keep Sacre out of the game -- that's the question vs. the Zags. And vs. Mizzou, I have a feeling the "small" lineup will get a LOT of playing time. And dominate.
  4. Post Game: Good Win

    Things they did well (2nd half defense, 3-point shooting), things they did not (under-5 offense, early rebounding). But all in a win in which Carolina was down double digits almost all of the second half. Not a game where they can feel all cocky heading out to Gonzaga, but certainly confident. I can't complain with that.
  5. Big Ten/ACC Challenge

    Michigan erases the Minnesota loss with a win at Clemson. Good guys up 3-2 (with the ACC wins coming from its two worst teams: UVa and Wake).
  6. We are NOT a good team..

    I just saw him front in the post (or at least attempt to), so there's hope ;)
  7. We are NOT a good team..

    Jimmy Dykes just mentioned the toughness ... and that's the one piece that always rubs off on teammates. When Illinois has been great, it's because it has that one guy (or two) that doesn't mind mixing it up ... Powell and Ingram from 05 being the latest example. And that's a hard thing to teach kids. Either they have it or they don't. When Illinois gets down on the floor and gets dirty, they play great. When they don't, they play to the level of their competition. 2nd half, they're getting down and dirty and dominating. Richmond has the potential to be that guy. He doesn't mind a scrap inside. Richardson *could* join him. No one else on this roster, though, IMO.
  8. Whatever our fate is...

    I say 55-45 percent we're in. But i've been known to be optimistic in my life once or twice. Why couldn't we just be like Arkansas-Pine Bluff, which started 0-11 (!!!) and made the dance today after closing the season 17-4. Now that's impressive. (I saw that on SportsCenter and had to look it up ... ZERO home games in 2009 ... at Utep, AZ State, Michigan, Okie State, Georgia Tech, Mizzou, K-State and Oregon in there. Damn.)
  9. GO Utah State

    I've been a college basketball fan for a long long time and RPI is more overrated than anything else out there. How Virginia Tech is 10-12 places ahead of Illinois based on schedules and results should boggle the mind of any sane human being out there. Do I think we'll make it? I give it a 55-45 chance yes. Should we be ahead of VT? without a doubt, in my mind. It's funny that, in the one year the Big Ten finally wins the BT-ACC challenge, the Big Ten won't get as many teams in the tournament.
  10. Which loss do you want back?

    Nov. 27 vs. Utah, L by 2 -- 16-point halftime lead Nov. 28 vs. Bradley, L by 4 -- 11-2 run by Bradley to close Dec. 19 vs. Georgia, L by 3 -- lead with 35 seconds to play Jan. 2 vs. Gonzaga, L by 2 (OT) -- 8-point lead in 2nd half after down 20 in the first Jan. 23 at northwestern, L by 5 -- 7-point lead with 11 minutes to play Feb. 27 vs. Minnesota, L by 2 -- 18-point rally in less than 7 minutes March 13 vs. Ohio State, L by 7 (2OT) -- the game of the bizarre Any of those turn the other way, we're looking in good shape ... Personally, I choose the Gonzaga game, because we had that one won and I had no doubt we'd lose after the comeback. And then, kerplooey.
  11. Whatever our fate is...

    If this team gets in and pulls an Arizona from last year (12 seed, make sweet 16), minds will be changed. It's been the most bizarre year I can remember in college hoops, and seeing that happen again wouldn't surprise me in the least. To be fair, seeing them bounced in the first round of the NIT wouldn't either.
  12. Whatever our fate is...

    However, in is in. Kinda like winning by one or 100. It's still in. I know where you're going, and I get it. But that's the benchmark: NCAA or not. In about 13 hours, we'll know.
  13. Turner's post game comments

    my thoughts exactly. someone shoulda upended him on his back again.
  14. Bubble Watch For March 9th

    Go California. Go California. Go California.
  15. Illinois vs OSU

    He is. There's no doubt in my mind.