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  1. Paul, Griffey, Bertrand shine in allstar game

    Determination, that was LuLu's strong suit. One of my all time favorites!
  2. Larry Miller = Ed Martin

    Poor comparison there. I do wonder what the implications will be to the Jazz and DW's futures, not to mention Sloan.
  3. This team could miss the NCAA dance

    I'll tell you right now, there are many more teams that would lose against Purdue on their court than that would beat Purdue on their home court. We are not a f4 team nor even a s16 team, but we are a top 64 team!.
  4. Did anyone watch the movie, I Wanna Believe? As a Merryman, I don't wanna but, I have to admit going through this before on the boards. Back then, the Weber bashers / Self lovers. main complaint was Weber was'nt as honest as potrayed. I also remember a story where all DP's team mates were carrying on in the locker room with him, pretty shocked that Illinois had offered. As far as grades, Illinois has sent some pretty good talent down the road before, where they had good careers with other big programs. It's always seemed like we are a higher standard then some working against us maybe. :rolleyes
  5. MVP at the Midpoint

    It's McCamey and he drives me bonkers with his inconsistancies. A valid case can be made for at least 4 players though. Chester has made great strides, he's the most improved player. If we can ever get AL on track, I think DM could really impress. Tis and Trent all are vital, but it's Demetri we would miss the most if he was out of the line up for good.
  6. Remember the signature Larue had a couple years back, There's a slow train coming around the bend. It was suppose to signify how Weber was gonna slowly run the program into the ground. Well the train is coming around the bend but it sure is'nt what the Patsys thought was coming. Don't be a Patsy.......
  7. The shrinking Illini

    While it's true Jordan/Semrau only got around 3 minutes a piece last game, they are roll players who might double or triple their minutes played in the next game. When jordan gets in the game, his defense is very very good and he appears on his way to be an adequate enough scorer, you have to at least guard him. Even RS has his moments. He looks like a bundle of nerves when he gets his pt. That might change one day also.
  8. Shooting outside Dunbar Highschool after hoops game

    Can you not see there are already tons of gun laws that are broken in each gun crime." Uhhhhh… yes. Correct. Every time there is a gun crime, a gun law is broken. This falls into the “duuuu” category. ----------------------------------------------- What falls in the duuu category is wanting more laws when the laws are already been broken in gun crimes. I just can't understand the mentality. Have you any luck in finding anyplace where violent crime went up after citizens regained their 2nd amendment rights back? Get a clue, criminals are more afraid of a possibly armed citizen then anything else, even the police.
  9. Shooting outside Dunbar Highschool after hoops game

    What's the word, insanity, doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different results. Making new laws to stop the criminal element from breaking old laws fits rather nicely here. You speak of facts that gun laws work and say this: (Spending the time and effort to look all those numbers up is ok for an undergrad paper) Yeah, I spent alot of time, went to Google and all results were just on the first page. Now I challenge you to show me anywhere they changed the laws and allowed ordinary citizens to carry guns and violent crime went up. Don't try to spin it anymore, simply show me where people got their 2nd amendment rights back and violence went up.......
  10. Shooting outside Dunbar Highschool after hoops game

    I'd just like to see us toughen up gun laws to reduce the profits made by illegal gun dealers. Making guns tougher to buy legally (waiting periods, background checks, number of gun purchase limits, ect.) is our only tool to reduce gun violence. Wow, just wow, you say you want to toughen up gun laws for illegal gun dealers by making more laws for legal gun dealers, that's crazy talk. Can you not see there are already tons of gun laws that are broken in each gun crime. Making new laws to stop the people that are already breaking laws won't change things. Wake up dude, the facts are contrary to your view.
  11. Shooting outside Dunbar Highschool after hoops game

    Educate yourself MJS, don't tell me I am over my head and need to go to the kids table. You know not what you speak of. Here are just a few links you asked for. Read them and learn. Notice how I did'nt go to pro gun sites to prove your cluelessness. People are waking up and seeing that allowing law abideing citizens the ability to protect themselves is working with less violent crime rates. Burglars will tell you they have more fear of an armed citizen then the police. http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=4706 http://www.cfif.org/htdocs/freedomline/cur...n-Ownership.htm http://www.ncpa.org/pub/st/st176/s176c.html http://www.reason.com/news/show/28582.html http://www.aei.org/publications/pubID.22768/pub_detail.asp http://www.reuters.com/article/inDepthNews...lBrandChannel=0
  12. Shooting outside Dunbar Highschool after hoops game

    It's not always gangbangers and drive bys. Think about the one or two gunmen that go into a school or mall. It's like shooting fish in a barrell. Now if the fish can shoot back it would'nt be so easy. Another thing, just because one could legally defend himself does'nt mean everyone would be carrying, but it would be a deterrent if the bad guy was'nt so sure that potential victims might be carrying. I wish it was a more perfect world and man did'nt have to defend himself. For years, we have had nukes aimed at us from other countries, I guess you would feel safer if we disarmed our deterrent system also? Like I said earlier, where people can legally carry, gun violence has went down. Where guns are taken from law abideing citizens, violence goes up. The facts are out there, it's just hard for some people to comprehend.
  13. Shooting outside Dunbar Highschool after hoops game

    Do you think banning firearms will keep the criminal element from having guns?
  14. Shooting outside Dunbar Highschool after hoops game

    Do you think more laws would had saved those people who got shot?
  15. Shooting outside Dunbar Highschool after hoops game

    I cant understand people who think making guns illegal will make criminals follow gun laws. Hello, can't you see that these fools that go and shoot unarmed civillians might just think again if these law abideing civillians could defend themselves and shoot back. :D The proof is already out there, everywhere citizens can carry, violent crime has went down.