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  1. Here is an article talking about the value Houston places on statistics. Moneyball in the NBA
  2. Houston is the team in the NBA that has really tried to apply the moneyball strategy to basketball. They base their personel decisions off statistics and data over scouting reports. This may be the perfect situation for a player like Demetri... even if it isn't a 1st round pick. He has very strong stats and Houston would actually give him a shot.
  3. Brad Stevens Staying at Butler

    He is due for a major upgrade there too.
  4. Succession Planning

    Josh Pastner from Memphis is who I would want.
  5. Any guesses on who it could have been?
  6. Chris Crawford - Rivals #66. Their class keeps getting better.
  7. Illini Fans Want Brad Beal

    Wayne Blackshear joined the group.
  8. As a Memphis Tigers season ticketholder.... IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. One that shows all of Klee's, Zook's, and Weber's updates? I think it would add value.
  10. http://blogs.commercialappeal.com/the_memphis_edge/
  11. eh... I am fishing... but also feel that if Jerance had taken the Associate Head Coaching job, he would be getting credit for this class. They also received a verbal from a top 10 in 2010 and are the leaders for another top 20 in that class. If Jerance made the jump, he would be a head coach after this season. Just because I am fishing, doesn't mean that I am not right.
  12. Well... they didn't actually recruit this guy... unfortunately Eliot William's (5 star PG from 2008) mother has cancer and he had to transfer closer to home (but he should be able to play this season). It is still a former McD AA with 3 years of eligibility left. He was also good enough to start at Duke as a freshman. There is also talk that Matt Pilgrim (the guy that Calipari ran out of Kentucky) will transfer to Memphis and he won't have to sit out a year because he was forced out after a coaching change. Memphis is also the only team that is still recruiting Lance Stephenson. Lance Stephenson (Top 10) Latavious Williams (Top 50) Eliot Williams (Top 25 from 2008) Matt Pilgrim (21 year old sophmore built like Joey Dorsey) Will Coleman (JUCO stud that is also built like Joey Dorsey) Considering that 2 months ago, the only player they had committed was Will Coleman... that is a pretty impressive class. If Jerrance had made the move to Memphis and this class took place under his watch as Associate Head Coach, he would be in consideration for a head coaching job after next season.
  13. Based on these quotes from Beal...

    Don't be such an accountant. The context of the words give a message that we are outside looking in.
  14. Memphis again

    That was before his year at prep school. He took the exam a 3rd time before he committed to the tigers. He met the guidelines.