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  1. How bad was our coaching this year?

    All good points. Here are the quick facts. Zook runs all Special Teams schemes and plays. Defensive Coordinators are running the same defense that they all ran under Charley Strong at Florida. How the defense manifests itself during a game is dictated by individual matchups and down and distance. Overall bend don't break philosophy is head coach decision. Offense: If you can't run the ball and control your time per possession (not time of possession) you can't win in this conference. Team Management: All head coach stuff except for leadership. If no one steps into that role then the team will underachieve every time. No chemistry among these players at all. Coach's "hope" for leadership and chemistry but if it aint there.....it aint there. Average coach wins 7 games per season ( see ND since 1994)
  2. So let's have the official post-mortem

    Here's hoping you all get what you want. Locksley gets a head coaching position somewhere else. Disch and Mallory get replaced by a great defensive coordinator that has been gardening in his back yard hoping that the DC for Illinois would come available. Might as well get rid of Woodford, he's just the scapegoat for Zook's special teams scheme anyway. Once that happens, I'm sure recruiting and of course next year's play won't skip a beat! Hell, why not go all out....get rid of Zook too. There must be better college coaches than Zook out there looking for a job that plays against Penn State, Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Michigan State each year. Some coach is just lickin his chops hoping to recruit against all of those teams and ND to boot. YA WENT TO THE ROSE BOWL LAST YEAR!!! Yep, I'm new to this forum...I don't live in the Midwest. I attended the Ohio State game in '06 when they almost had as many fans at the game as we did. They were happy to be able to run the clock out and squeak out a narrow victory by the way. I was also at the Iowa game this year. What an UNBELIEVABLE difference in the football atmosphere from '06 to '08. You talk about turning a program around! Sea of Orange and the mandatory section of visiting team tickets. You only lacked two things this year and all of the rest weather offense or defense were direct results of not being able 1-Run the football effectively 2-Control the clock on offensive possessions. Coaching is coaching. Football is about players making plays. Disch didn't miss one tackle all year! Locksley didn't fumble once! Woody didn't shank one punt! RELAX! You are going to have a very good team next year. And this year was a learning year for everybody.