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  1. I guess I'll start the next game thread

    I repeat, Joe B!!! Keep this up!
  2. I guess I'll start a game thread

    I - L - L
  3. I guess I'll start a game thread

    Bring this energy and confidence tomorrow Tracy!!
  4. I guess I'll start a game thread

    Shhhh Steven Bardo! The refs may hear you :-)
  5. I guess I'll start a game thread

    Lets just make our free throws and get out of here now! I shouldn't be this nervous for an 8/9 game but man, this feels like a ncaa game to me! Don't want this season to end!!
  6. Georgia Tech post-game

    We stopped running our offense the last 9 min. It was a flashback to weber ball. And what on earth was Egwu thinking on that turnover. How did he not see Rice wide open mid court?? Ughh, just awful.
  7. The Luck of Bruce Weber

    Well, your only comparing within the conference itself. If you go outside the conference and talk about how Illinois ranks up with the rest of the D1 teams out there, it doesnt matter as much. Not to mention, why pull for any ACC, Big East, Pac 12, Big 12, SEC school over a B10 team? I can see pulling for mid-majors, but I think thats why my B10 loves comes into play. Id much rather have Indiana win over teams like Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, Arizona, etc....
  8. The Luck of Bruce Weber

    You must not have a lot of ACC backers at your work. I have to defend the B10 conference year round.
  9. The Luck of Bruce Weber

    I'm frankly confused by pulling for any team other than a B10 team. Sure, during the conference season, there are players and coaches that annoy the he11 out of us, but once its tourney time, I've got 7 favorite teams to pull for. United as one. (yes, even the Hoosiers).
  10. NCAA Tournament "Experts"

    Reminds me of the "Mistro" episode on Seinfeld.
  11. What time do we play?

    I'm sorry, but when it comes to Illini NCAA Tourney basketball, its either vacation or a sick day. 10 to 10 on Sunday is a bi+ch regardless! 12 hour shift? Are you a firefigher?
  12. Quick Look at Colorado

    That's not good considering most of our 3 on 1 fast breaks off of turnovers lead to 3 pt attempts or a blocked layup. We need to be more aggressive, draw contact and get to the line at the very worst!
  13. So who will be on gamethread tomorrow am?

    Ill be there as well... Working on Madison St about 10 min away, had to go. Making this a nice little lunch break! I'm wearing the most obnoxious orange shirt I have in the closet!! Go Illini!
  14. Illini @ tOSU

    Whew, big sequence, nice job Griffey!