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  1. Michigan State, Memphis, Pitt, Gonzaga

    Haha classic...
  2. Official Bracket Selection Show Thread

    Zaga in Portland if we get there... Perfect
  3. Post Game Thread

    The problem with starting him along side davis and tisdale is that we are not very deep at the 4 and 5. Is anyone confident that we will get productive minutes from Semrau, Simpson, or Griffey? That leaves Keller as our first big off the bench, and possibly are only big to get playing time. Plus, we also don't know if he can handle a 3 on the defensive side of the ball. If you can't stop anyone Weber definately is not going to play you.
  4. Haha it's a really clever nickname at that.
  5. BEAT IU

    Alright we get it you don't like Legion.
  6. 10 second rule

  7. Dee's blog about his season..

    Phoenix only gave him a 10 day contract and since they are one of the cheapest teams in the league they weren't going to bring Dee back for an extended stay... Besides his speed, Dee really doesn't have anything that stands out to keep him in the league. If he could greatly improve his shooting he will hopefully get another shot.
  8. Umm that's the definition of a block
  9. Matta's Comment as Portrayed on TV

    The comment Matta made had to do with Tisdale scoring in the paint, not just scoring in general. Since Tisdale just made two or three shots in the lane this comment makes a bit more sense....
  10. Purdue Post game thread

    Not to mention some great offense/defense with Legion and Brock at the end. Brock came up with a huge block toward the end of OT...
  11. McCamey and Davis not starting the second half
  12. Please bring in Legion... I can't stand the anticipation!
  13. Martez Wilson stabbed at Night Club and in Hospital (link)

    Wow that is nuts... Just curious who is Frangie?
  14. We should be going to Davis everytime we go down the court... Hasn't had any touches lately at all...