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  1. Wow!

    I read the Cornholers string, but in the past there would've been a series of topics by any number of users bemoaning the situation or demanding that Lovie be fired. That's my point.
  2. Wow!

    I have to admit I haven't been paying that much attention to Illinois football this year (I know, right?) so I started searching the schedule guide on TV today to see what time they were on, and who they were playing. I couldn't find it so I went on line to the NG site and found that they were humiliated at home LAST NIGHT. What's really depressing is the lack of commentary on this forum. Sure sign that the program is even lower in fans' lives and minds than I would have ever dreamed possible. Got to say, in all honesty, that what looked like a brilliant move to bring in Lovie as a sure fire recruiting tool has failed just as miserably as the last ten years (or more). Nobody seems to give a sh*t anymore and can't say I blame them.
  3. Brad Underwood

    This guy will get the job done and do it offensively! (Kids love to play for an offensive minded coach!) And at least he has a full head of hair - no more skin heads, thank you.
  4. We have to land somebody like Marshall this time. No more of these "upcoming" mid major guys. We want results FAST. Marshall could bring that and, like it or not, coaching Illinois in the B1G is a step up to being in Wichita. Have you ever been to Wichita?
  5. It's been 8 minutes . . .

    Yea. Forget that's why they're in the top fifteen recruiting classes(?)
  6. It's been 8 minutes . . .

    The only pause in this dump Groce movement in the article is the mention of the recruiting class coming in next year. How do you fire someone who was able to package a program that's been so under achieving these past few years to get those kids to commit? Some might say he deserves one more year just to make sure those kids actually come to Illinois. There's always a chance you lose them if you make a change now. Just sayin'.
  7. Why?

    Yea. Getting beat by twenty in the NIT is certainly a perfect end to a perfect season(?)
  8. Why?

    Especially since ISU would kick our ass.
  9. Why?

    Is it just me or is this deja vu all over again? Didn't we recently complete a season where Michigan embarrassed us in the first game of B1G tournament and we accepted an NIT bid only to get trounced by Alabama? Why would we want to do that again especially if Groce is done? I mean, aren't ten losses in one year by at or near 20 points enough humiliation?
  10. Odds of Whitman growing. Sack today?

    The BIG ISSUE with today and why Groce needs to go is the absolute inability to have the team ready to play! A coach has to be 90% psychologist and 10% motivator. Groce has proved to be neither!
  11. Michagain

    Well, I caught hell for suggesting we give Groce another chance. This looks like a total slam dunk! Fire him right after the f**king game! What an absolute disgrace!
  12. What Say You?

    I'm sorry to say it, but I agree with you. Hiring Lovie appeared to be a genius move by an ambitious new AD but I think it showed more desperation than anything else. Indiana is the latest example of how a motivated "nobody" can coach a college team to success. The Iowa coach didn't have Lovie's resume when he took over at Iowa, and look how successful he's been. I think the real problem, however, lies much deeper with an administration that simply isn't concerned about fielding a quality football team. There's a reason that we had to settle for a Beckman, nobody of quality wanted the job. The buzz in the coaching fraternity isn't favorable about Illinois. Lovie figured, "what the hell?" I'm not doing anything right now, and I can pickup a cool few million extra bucks. I watched him on the sideline yesterday and I didn't see someone who is motivated to motivate. And the team sure reflected that same disinterest. I haven't been to an Illini game in fifteen years...don't see myself at one, probably, again in my lifetime.
  13. What Say You?

    I'm guessing that Lovie is saying to himself that he really had no idea how hard this job was going to be and, after year three he says, "enough!" and resigns. What say you? I really don't see this team being seriously competitive for a LONG time and I just don't think Lovie wants to be here for five plus seasons only to get to a 7-5 or 8-4 season if that's even possible.
  14. H*rseSh*t

    Firing Cubit and the way it was handled is Horsesh*t. You can argue that Whitman is simply trying to bring in a "big name" but one needs to remember that simply hiring a Jim Harbaugh without the accompanying commitment to radically increase spending (a la OSU or Michigan) has to come with it. Lovie has had his run. He was ultimately fired by the Bears and then Tampa Bay. Lovie Smith is not Harbaugh or Saban. Illinois is not going to spend like Michigan, OSU or Alabama. A better path for Illinois realistically was to increase Cubit's contract to four years without increasing his annual compensation. He's a good man and a pretty good coach. Illini fans want to "get to the top of the pile" in the B1G; without the accompanying willingness to spend like Michigan and OSU, that's simply a pipe dream. Cubit could've been the next Ferentz or Alvarez. Like it or not, treating someone who hung in there as Cubit did, took a sh*t contract on the assurance that his loyalty and hard work was appreciated, says a lot about Whitman and what it says ain't good. It's like the Bill Self thing only in reverse. This ain't the 80's and the Mike White formula ain't going to work this time.
  15. H*rseSh*t

    No need. Already have. Have a nice day.