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  1. The B1G

    This is a bore. And it doesn't even involve the Wisconsin of the Big East (Pittsburgh, or is it Georgetown?) I thought only the B1G played half court, physical, boring games.....
  2. The B1G

    And if you do that same list for every other conference, nobody would have a better performance. Maybe the Big East has been better, but I think they had 5 losses in the first round (GT, Notre Dame, Villanova, Cincy, and Pitt, with Marquette getting a gift)...
  3. The B1G

    I don't agree, but I don't really care either. If you think the B1G sucks, fine with me. I need Florida to beat Michigan to have a good chance to win my pool. And I needed Duke to win against MSU, which was good. Duke owns MSU by the way.
  4. The B1G

    I think you started this thread because you're pi$$ed that MSU lost to Duke and so now the B1G is a bad basketball conference.
  5. Indiana's failure

    That performance by IU's guards last night was really lame.
  6. Blemont this years hot pick

    My biggest pet peeve in basketball right now. He's allowed to get away with certain stuff because he 'plays the game the right way', meaning he's scrappy.
  7. Blemont this years hot pick

    Yes, we may have to ask you to return your 'fan card' after the KU thread title about UK losing in the NIT!
  8. What is with Tate

    You stole my thunder. He throws that comment out there like it's some objective criteria to prove his point. Also, it's absurd to think that "closeness" should be a factor. What if you lose a game by 3, but you were down 9 or 10 the entire game and hit a couple of 3's in the final minute to make it look closer than it was? Or what if you are neck and neck for 39 minutes, and end up losing by 9 or 10 with some fluky plays at the end. Does a close win not count as much as a win with a big margin? What is the definition of close? 3 points or 4 points? This is just stupid. It's either a win or a loss. And his main point about how well you're playing at the end of the season should carry a heavy weight? This would mean that the randomness of scheduling would play a huge part in a team making the NCAA field. Of Iowa's last 12 B1G games, they only had two against the top 5 B1G finishers. And the unbalanced schedule plays a big part as some teams get a break more than others. They had 2 games each vs the 4 non NCAA tourney teams (PSU, Neb, NU, PU). They played only 2 of the top 5 teams twice (as we played 3 twice). OK, I digress...
  9. Indiana Gets thumped by WHISKY

    Agreed, because they won't be playing until late next week, Thurs or Fri. If you're trying to say he has no NCAA success, he has 2 straight sweet 16s and 3 out of 5, I believe.
  10. pathetic display

    Here's what bugs me: For once I'd like us to come on strong and play our best ball at the end of the season....consistently. If you lose to a team that played better fine. But no more crap games like we just had. The last 3 games have me feeling the same way as every other season...not playing well at the end when it matters. Oh well.
  11. The OFFICIAL Squawkeyes Game Thread

    Nailed it there.
  12. The OFFICIAL Squawkeyes Game Thread

    Garbage, garbage, garbage. I guess we just have to remember to be happy we will (likely) make the tourney.
  13. The OFFICIAL Squawkeyes Game Thread

    Ref said Illinois touched it,but that's wrong.
  14. The OFFICIAL Squawkeyes Game Thread

    Guy totally slid into him.
  15. The OFFICIAL Squawkeyes Game Thread

    It was 4 in the first 10 mins or so of the game. You completely waste half the game.