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  1. Blizzard

    I was there. Not sure why. I think one of the refs was Bill Mitze, Monticello High School Prinicpal at the time.
  2. Mike Leach

    Just for fun..... Would you trade Ron Zook for Mike Leach?
  3. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/news/story?id=5554682 What's new? Oh wait this is an article about Bruce Peal from Tennessee, I thought it was from Bruce Pearl of Iowa back in the late 80's.
  4. Screwed again by replay

    Those plays were far from what cost us the game. Do you always walk away from the game honked off about some referee call? You probably yell at the refs during junior high games and jfl games, too. Give me a break. Only fans with no real knowledge of the game moan about the refs. We played pretty well in the first half. D came up big a few times. Bend but not break mostly in the second half. We needed to do something with the second half kick besides three and out. And we HAD THE BALL WITH THREE MINUTES TO GO DOWN ONE TD marching with a shot to tie and maybe win it. Yes we lost the game again and a I am not happy, but we competed with pretty marginal talent and without three expected starters, not counting two players that were released from the team. Go Illini.
  5. Destiny Williams

    Can anyone add to this story. Seems pretty hushhush. http://www.illinihq.com/news/women_basketb...eaves_illinois/
  6. He runs the spread and has been successful. He is not doing anything right now.
  7. Wanted: Safety

  8. Practice Squads

    Miller to 49ers PS. Leman to Eagles PS.
  9. Just Watched the Tape

    I was not able to watch the game yesterday and just watched the tape. Yes, we did still lose the game. A few observations... Juice did okay. We moved the ball up and down the field. He has never been on the money with all of his passes. I would have liked to see him run more. Three big pays on offense that killed us- tipped interception from Jenkins, Juice tripped on 4th down, Cumberland fumble O-line and D-line played well. We did not use Uh Oh much. WHY? No long passes. WHY? Wish Benn would have come out of the lockerroom to cheer the team on. #28 Hicks seemed to be picked on all day. Good scouting by Missou. He never knew where he was supposed to be and was burned all day. #4 Hardemon is a head hunter. I have never liked his celebrations after hits. He gets burned and misses too many tackles to ever celebrate. Get the job done and dont worry so much about the selfish antics. We aren't the Raiders. I think the coaches realized two weeks ago that we had issues with our DBs. They are working with Terry Hawthorn. We should simplify our DB scheme so we are in position to make some plays. Noticed that we were playing 12 yards off the receivers. This obviously isn't working for us. Overall tackling was better than last year. Coaching- we folded up the tent in the second half. Sad to see that happen. Glad that we are playing ISU this week.
  10. Chester-injury details

    Does anyone have the details of how Chester was injured in practice?
  11. Michigan vs ILL

    You beat me to it.
  12. College Baseball Rankings

    I thought maybe we would be ranked after beating #1 ranked LSU 2 out of 3. College America rankings out today. No Illini.
  13. Best concert you've ever been to

    REM at Foellinger. Hands Down.