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  1. Bragging Rights Tickets

    When do the Bragging Rights tickets go on sale publicly?
  2. Sweet 16 site

  3. Sweet 16 site

    Where is our sweet 16 site at for our region? Is it Thursday -sat or Friday-Sunday?
  4. The FIRST tournament win postgame...

    When will we play Sunday??
  5. IF we beat CU

    Any clue what time we would play on Sunday? I know thy is looking ahead but didn't know if those had been revealed.
  6. *** Official NCAA Selection Show Thread ***

    We are on top of our sub bracket w Miami below us . Does that Mean we play first game that night or does it not matter
  7. *** Official NCAA Selection Show Thread ***

    When will we know our game time officially when they announce it?
  8. Game times

    When do the game times come out for NCAA tournament? I might need to call in sick or take personal day
  9. Thursdays Broadcast

    I have comcast cable and that provider is not an option for the BTN2Go or BTN.com site..does that really mean I can't get the game?
  10. Thursdays Broadcast

    Have to work on Thursday. Anyone know any sites that will be streaming the game for free?
  11. Who gets 1 seed

    Meant BTT because if we win Thursday-we play 1 seed frifay
  12. Who gets 1 seed

    If Michigan beats Indiana-who gets 1 seed in tournament
  13. tOSU postgame/Minny pregame I guess

    Who will be the number 1 seed in tournament if Michigan wins?
  14. ESPN Bubble Watch

    Who do we want to win Purdue game?
  15. 3-1 Lunardi Bracket

    We were a 9 in his bracket on tuesday (after we had already lost to Michigan). We moved down a spot by not evening playing this week. He is an idiot.