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  1. Has UI hit bottom yet?

    If Hogan stayed, it wasn't just a black eye, it was being punched in the face repeatedly with no end in sight. At least now that the punching has stopped, the University can start healing. Bob Easter is a good leader and will get the ship righted.
  2. Former Player Reaction?

    No one will say anything bad because he's a good man who just failed to live up to expectations in his job. I've wanted him fired two seasons ago, but that doesn't mean I'm jumping up and down excited today. It's a relief for the basketball program to finally be able to move on. One thing is for certain though, our new coach won't need to hold a funeral.
  3. Thomas is in Hogan's doghouse

    This is one of the reasons that Hogan is on the hot seat. He's been meddling in campus affairs, and that is not something the President has done in the past. The Chancellor is the CEO of the campus, and Hogan is sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.
  4. My wife and I went to see Surrogates at the Savoy theater in September 2009. We got there early, and there were about 10 other people in the theater...until the ENTIRE football team and coaching staff arrived. I'm 6'1", 220 and I never felt so small in a room. The movie was pretty bad, and a player in the front row said near the end, "This is the worst movie I've ever seen." I came close to saying, "Yeah, it's kinda like Illinois football this year." I thought better of it and walked out with my health intact.
  5. Deron Williams likes to pass

    No, you're thinking of the rules of the game at all levels except the NBA. In the NBA, traveling is taking THREE steps without dribbling, and you can probably push it to FIVE if you can make it look good or are Patrick Ewing starting a layup from the top of the key.
  6. I saw this during the Office on TNT last night:
  7. Post Game Beers With Zook

    Tank, I'm wondering about the fight in this team. I went to see Surrogates the night before the Penn State game a couple weeks ago, and when I walked into the theater I realized that entire football team was there including Coach Zook. At the end of the movie, I heard a player near me say, "This is the worst movie I've ever seen." My question is this. Does this team have enough fight in them that I could have gotten away with saying, "Yeah, it was almost as bad as the Illini football team's performance this year"?
  8. San Diego Illini...

    The Hooters was there in February when I was in SD for a conference last winter. Wow was I glad my proposal for a presentation was accepted for a conference in SD in February!